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Wow, these are really good. I had actually ripped this recipe out of my Kraft food & family magazine, and put it in my recipe binder. It is just my husband and me, so I waited for a "special occasion" to make them so I could take them somewhere. I made St. Patrick's Day-themed truffles, using green and white candy melts from a craft store (Michael's). I used about half a bag of each candy melt. I used a whole bag of mint oreos, and I didn't do the "reserve 9 cookies for the topping" thing, I just scooped out and set aside 1/4 cup of crumbs (which actually turned out to be a bit too much, since I did so many different designs). If I had done just crumbs on all of them, it probably would've been a good amount. Oh, I also used Neufchatel (1/3 less fat) cream cheese, and it worked fine. I stuck the truffles in the freezer after step 4 for about 30 minutes (while I played outside with my puppy), and I think it helped the dipping go easier. I don't know how many I got; I just kept rolling and dipping until everything was gone! This is a great one to be creative with (Oreo flavors, candy melt colors, designs/sprinkles on top). Thanks for posting it!

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Greeny4444 March 16, 2010

Excellent! I used Almond Bark instead of chocolate chips and sprinkled them with a little white crystal sugar for a pretty sparkle. I got the recipe from the Kraft Foods website and came here to be sure they were posted for the food.com groupies! Can't wait to take them to the Memorial Day BBQ and share because if they stay here, I'm eating them ALL!!!

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Melissa_8201 May 30, 2011

These were good (I mean how could they not be?) but they were a little too rich for my taste. I also had some difficulty dipping the truffles in the chocolate as they kept falling apart/melting, even with refridgerating them for an hour beforehand.

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sofie-a-toast January 08, 2011

Excellent!!!! Aalways a hit.

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bennybcox December 08, 2010

These take some time, but they are so easy to make and they always impress. I have made these many times and I always chill the cream cheese and cookie crumb mix before I roll them into balls. I then chill them a little longer before I dip them into the melted chocolate. I find that this keeps them from falling apart when I dip them. I have also tried the yellow oreos and they have come out very tasty as well.

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lisalouk01 May 16, 2010

Delicious and easy. These are wonderful after they've been refrigerated. I dipped them by dropping 3 or 4 into the double-boiler of chocolate, and then removed them individually with a toothpick to place them on wax paper. Great method. Can't wait to make these next Christmas :)

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newspapergal January 27, 2010

I gave this recipe 5 stars. These are so yummy! I've heard these are either called Truffles or Oreo balls either was I call them super yum! I had these at a Christmas party and they are so yummy that I had to ask for the recipe. The only difference was Tracey the lady who made these said after she mixed the truffles she place them undipped in the refrigerator for 1/2-1 hour then right before dipping she melted the Baker's chocolate 2 or 3 squares at a time or the chocolate tends to harden, then dip the Truffles in the melted chocolate and refrigerate 1/2-1 hour more. The rest is the same. Overall these are so yummy and I will have them again! Thanks for posting a great recipe! Christine (internetnut)

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internetnut December 24, 2009

I make these all the time and get rave reviews every time! I've used mint and peanut butter oreos and white chocolate for the outside which is a smidge messy and I also stuff them with maraschino cherries which everyone loves! So delicious! A friend of mine recently started selling cakes and uses this recipe as a filling in some of her chocolate cakes and it is out of this world delicious!

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a_happy_goddess December 08, 2009

These were very easy to make and looked much more involved than they are. They were very pretty on the candy tray I assembled for the holiday dessert table. Sitting there in their little paper cups they were a standout & a popular first choice. I found chilling the rolled balls imperative. They were too soft to hold much of a shape for dipping otherwise. I stuck each one with a toothpick & dipped into the chocolate bath. They were easy to dip that way & the toothpick came out cleanly. I decided to use white choc to drizzle the balls & loved the two tone effect. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

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Susie D December 26, 2008
Easy Oreo Truffles