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I made this tonight and it was so easy! When it was close to the end of the 15 minutes of boiling, I noticed the marmalade started getting a tiny bit darker. I pulled it off the stove at about "12 minutes of boiling, and it turned out great! At first, I wondered if it would come together or stay liquidy, and it thickened up nicely on it's own. This was my first time making marmalade, but not my last. Delish! Thank you so much!!!!!

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kikibu June 27, 2009

I found a recipe to make the other day and didn't realize it called for orange marmalade. Now, orange marmalade isn't my favorite type of jam, but I think now it is. I used an organic navel orange from our CSA box, unbleached white sugar and in 20 minutes tops, I had a delicious marmalade. An added plus is the fact there is no sterilizing of jars, pectin or canning of any sort involved. The marmalade was slathered on a cranberry bagel with cream cheese. Thank you for posting! Will make again later in the week. Another reviewer mentioned vanilla pod and I think that is a great idea.

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COOKGIRl April 04, 2011

Printed out this recipe a couple years ago. Just made it today. WOW! Should've made it a long time ago. I took your tip and used 1/2 sugar and 1/2 Splenda. It is really good. I don't think I'll ever buy commercial orange marmalade again. It's so easy, quick and deliciously fresh.

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retiree09 June 16, 2014

I had a thinned skinned orange that no one wanted to eat & I did not want to waste it. I made the recipe as is it was easy & delicious. I usually make canned jam with pectin, this was just as good.

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k8bug March 10, 2013

I used an orange and a lemon with same amount of sugar and water. Mine too was a little bitter so next time I am going to first peel the fruit with a potatoe peeler then juice them with a hand held juicer. Then only use the juice and rind to make the marmelade. You wont have as much volume so could easlily double the fruit and adjust sugar/water accordingly.

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smart cookey June 12, 2012

super tasty, super easy. I add a split/scraped vanilla bean pod to it with the sugar. I find the vanilla adds a little more depth to an otherwise already great-tasting spread!

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Larynx May 09, 2010

SO EASY~I made this for a glaze to go on a grilled pork tenderloin tonight, but could not wait to taste it on some buttered whole grain bread~YUMMY~will make this again for sure and we'll see how it turns out tonight on the ginger/orange/cider vinegar marinated pork!

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sweetsouth January 27, 2010

Having read others reviews about this being a little bitter I decided to make my marmelade sans the white lining. Apart from that, I followed the recipe to a T so I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong to get a very small (1/3 of a jar), very dense pot of marmalade! I don't think the white lining can have taken up that much volume-wise so perhaps I had a bigger orange than I thought and should have added more water. I don't know. Anyway, despite being more of a lump than a liquid, my marmalade did have a really lovely flavour and it was very easy to make. I'll definitely be trying it again (either with more water or a smaller orange) so hopefully I'll have better luck next time. I'll let you know how I get on... 5th Feb - I've since made this again without the peel and white but with two oranges and a bit extra water and it was much better. Really scrummy!

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Wendy-Bob February 05, 2007

A winner. Goodby Bonne Maman! I used one honeybell, reduced sugar by half--orange was soo sweet, 2 tablespoons wate, processed, cooked, cooled, and in an hour, I had a delightful small pot of orange jam for spreading on my homemade wheat bread. Shall make this easy recipe again and shall try to vary it with fruit of the season. Perfect method for the seasonal cook and a reminder that simple can be better, cheaper, and void of additives and high fructose syrups.

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Brandywine Valley Cook May 26, 2016

So Easy! I made this ×7!! I had 7 oranges I had to use or loose! So I multipled everything times 7 - threw a lemon in for the heck of it! Boiled a little bit longer- I tested it on a plate in the fridge until it was the right consistency. Threw in some vanilla and all spice - for a little zip! I got 4- 8 oz jars of marmalade. Saving one to enter in my county fair! Ty!!

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hairhouse353 March 03, 2016
Easy Orange Marmalade