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Have to admit when I tried this off the stove, I was not very enthusiatic. For me the celery seed was overpowering and masked the sweet and tangy flavors of the vinegar and brown sugar. Added a teaspoon of Splenda to sweeten it a bit and let it cool and thicken a bit further. By the end of the afternoon, I liked it a bit more but not as much as I'd hoped. Then again, who eats relish plain. On top of my turkey burger it was quite good and enjoyed very much. Will certainly make agian but likely to either use less celery seed or switch for something altogether different like thyme or marjoram. Thanks Kitten.

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justcallmetoni April 02, 2006

I have tried this recipe and served it with my friends and everyone who spread it on their hamburger were asking me where I got it because you will not find it in any store. Of course I had to print a dozen copies of the recipe. I give a 10 on 10. Thanks. Ray LaBerge, Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada

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rayl September 12, 2005
Easy Onion Relish