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So easy and delicious! I'll definitely make this over and over with some different veggies added in. The oil and balsamic vinegar taste great together, and I just used what I had on hand-- some sweet potatoes and parsnips along with some greenbeans and cauliflower that were in my freezer. The spice mix was fantastic on them! Tagged for Veggie Swap 20.

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the80srule March 29, 2010

Mmmmmmmmm! I luv root veggies, I luv your recipes and I especially luved this one! :) The thyme goes great with the roasted veggies and the rock salt adds a lovely crunch and saltyness to the recipe. Very nice combination and super easy directions! I have my own go to recipe for roasting root veggies, but I think this one is a little more special making it fit for company. I used parsnips, hokkaido squash, carrots, potatoes and the red onions. YUM! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing another keeper with us, FT! Made and reviewed for my chosen chef during Veggie Swap #19 February 2010.

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Lalaloula February 05, 2010

Tarty, these are super!! I'm so addicted to parsnips.... I made this while on vacation in the mountains of Arkansas....so easy, so delicious...the perfect accompaniment to any entree! Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe!

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Annisette November 17, 2008

Loved it! I have a very similar recipe that I inherited from Mean Chef: Mean's Roasted Parsnips & Carrots which I think I have even improved upon and that's what I measured this recipe against. This one is good, tasty and easy, but without the sherry I think it did not stand out quite enough. We adore Parsnips and roasting carrots has become one of our favourite ways to eat them, so trying this recipe was a total pleasure. This recipe will surely please picky eaters and lovers of roast veggies. For us though, I think that the other recipe gets preference when we have to choose for a favourite amoungst the two. Please see my rating system: an excellent recipe that I was delighted to try. Thanks!!!

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kiwidutch March 11, 2007
Easy One Tray Roasted Onions and Root Vegetables