Easy One Pan Steam Lobster Tails With Wine, Butter Garlic Sauce

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 8 mins

I was experimenting one night before a dinner party. I decided to make lobster tails which I have never done before. I threw together flavors that I thought would taste good!! It was a hit...Everyone loved it!! I had to write the recipe down for a few people!! The best part of all it was easy and all in one pan!!! Try it and let me know if you like it!! If you find things that make the recipe better let me know!!!!!


  1. First you will need a sauce pan that has a steamer basket. If your lobster tails are frozen thaw them out. Cut the top of the lobster tail enough to allow expansion of the meat. In the sauce pan - on a medium low heat mix together the garlic, butter and white wine stirring occasionally. Once the butter wine mix comes to a boil, place the steam basket and cover. Let the Lobster tails steam for 8 minutes. They will turn bright red. Set aside. Using a strainer, pour the butter wine mixture into serving cups. Use the butter wine mixture to dip the lobster tails inches I hope you enjoy it!
Most Helpful

I wanted to taste the combination of garlic, wine and butter before committing beautiful lobster. It was delicious! I used a 2011 Procrastinate Pinot Grigio as my white wine and actually drank some while simmering the sauce. I'm not big on wine typically but I drank this. Your sauce will be served with my lobster. Thanks for something so tasty and easy.

Ms_Misty57 December 30, 2014

This recipe is fantastic. Anything that is this easy, with delicious, company-worthy results earns five stars without question. I only had 4 small lobster

Bolistoli September 07, 2014

This is nothing short of fine dining. Since I was only making one lobster tail I needed to steam it with plain water as 1/4 cup of liquid would have boiled away in no time. I just made the butter sauce and used it in a small dish on the plate for dipping. Simply delicious, lobster, is for me, a seldom enjoyed special treat and every bite was a bit of pure pleasure. Made for PAC, Spring 2014.

Annacia May 09, 2014