Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 0 mins

Oil, Shortening and milk make this very special an easy too. This pie dough doesn't get tough even when it is re-rolled. Enough to make 2 pie crusts.


  1. Process flour, salt,sugar and shortening in food processor until it just comes to a crumble. (if no processor, cut in by hand).
  2. Pour flour mixture in a large bowl and add water,oil and milk.
  3. Mix until blended.
  4. It may seem to soft, but not to worry.
  5. I typically make two crusts, use one and freeze the other by placing wax paper on top of crust.
Most Helpful

This pie crust works like a charm! It was so easy to make and simple to work with; I could easily pick up the pie crust to make it fit perfectly in my pie dish. I think that the reason why some might have had trouble with it tearing is if they didn't use canola oil. I think the type of oil could definitely affect it. The result of the baked pie crust was light and flaky. I used this pie crust with "Berry Buttermilk Pie".

Lainey6605 January 17, 2009

It was easy to do and to roll. But when I put the crust in the plate, it was easy to tear. I don't know why. But I still give it 5 stars because of the taste. It's so good and flaky. I used kosher salt, shortening, and vegetable oil. Thanks BakinBaby. Made for Holiday tag. I made it with Slice of Lemon Pie II

Boomette December 29, 2008

This was excellent. I was a bit leary about the amount of shortening and oil, but I followed the recipe as is. The dough was wet, but I expected it to be. I also had trouble rolling it out, but it was the flakiest crust I have ever made. It was perfect for my turkey pot pie. Thanks for posting.

Mary Close December 01, 2008