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This is my first time making ANY bread, let alone challah, and it worked perfectly the first time!! I halved the ingredients, and I let it rise/rest overnight right after making the dough because my house has gotten chilly. I took half the dough and made one loaf - saved the other one to bake this weekend - and it made a smaller loaf, once braided, than I expected; I will probably use the whole recipe next time. :) I am saving this one!! Everyone loved it! Thank you so much!

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afredorap November 05, 2009

This is a great recipe. I have tried other challah recipes and this beats them all hands down. AND it is no knead. I have made other no knead breads and loved them, and was thrilled to find this no knead challah.

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Colorado Cook October 04, 2009

Made as written. Very easy and you don't need a lot of special ingredients and they are somewhat impressive looking. I halved the recipe and got two loaves. Can't wait to try a little butter and honey on it. I've never made bread before... this recipe is def. a keeper!

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Becky L. March 26, 2016

Super easy and made perfect,, fluffy dinner rolls

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April R. August 15, 2014

First time I ever tried to make bread. The directions were perfect and easy to follow. I'm sorry I didn't add sugar as well as the honey because I like it sweeter, but I will next time. Even the braiding came out beautifully done once baked.

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valerieabd December 22, 2012

I've made sweet dough bread years ago but hated the messy process. Then the bread machine, got tired of the shape and hole in the loaf but good. Never Challah. I looked at lots of recipes and YT videos, and yours was the one I picked. Just right. Makes 2 approx 1-1/2 pound loaves and extra dough for 2nd loaf stores well for I'd say up to 5 days. I never made Challah in my life but memorized from a video a 6-rope braid. Was thrilled with mine but I need to watch the cracks. Honey is so expensive so I may use sugar next time or a combo. Tedious brushing the egg wash so I poured a little in the palm of my hand, rubbed my other hand in it and gently spread it all over my loaf. It was great because I could feel the dry spots that needed more and didn't drip down on my parchment paper. Thank you for your recipe. I think next time I will have to add while the knead beater is going (yes I kneaded yours but it was more to mix as paddle couldn't handle it after about a minute), another 1/2 to 1 cup of flour so it won't be quite so sticky. I went through my yeast, through a bunch away and kept one that had expired over a year ago, never opened, used that. I think it is ok. Will add a couple photos for you. Yes, this IS your recipe exactly, printed it out, and I didn't feel like digging in the freezer for some sesame seeds which may have been in there too long. Thank you!

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Persian Berry 2011 March 28, 2012
Easy No-Knead Challah Bread