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I had some challenges with the mix. Following the directions, my mix was very runny. I kept adding fresh cubed bread pieces (sourdough bread) until the mixture looked like it would be easily handled. It took 5 (yes, 5!) pieces of bread! I added an extra egg because I was worried about the mixture falling apart while cooking. When handling the mix, it still wouldn't stay together, so I ended up adding dry bread crumbs. Fortunately, the mix held together, remained moist, and the patties tasted yummy! I'd make this again, with adjustments. Thanks for posting.

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TreeSquirrel May 07, 2011

The flavour of these is wonderful. They are very mushroomy. I used baby portabella mushrooms. I added a Knorr beef cube in place of the steak sauce and as I cooked the mushrooms I added the bread and kind of mashed the bread into it. That way it could not be seen. Now I too had trouble getting these to hold together but I just added some store bought bread crumbs and was careful cooking them. These are a soft burgers. I would definitely recommend trying these if you are a mushroom lover as they are fantastic. My husband says these are so much better than the portabello burgers you buy in the store. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada September 02, 2009

This was a great recipe. I actually added black beans to it for a bit more protein... very delicious!

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leoliont June 16, 2009

I will have to make these again. They had wonderful flavor, but just didn't work. . .first off it was too runny, so I added Italian Style Breadcrumbs to thicken (which worked well) and then they stuck to the frying pan. I used a combo of shitake and button mushrooms, then for the steak sauce I used 1/2 Andrea's sauce and 1/2 Heinz 57 sauce. Again, the flavor was fabulous. Next time I will try to fry these in a different pan with different oil and see what happens. I will absolutely make these again. Made for February Photo Tag.

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JanuaryBride February 22, 2009

This was very good.

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Landance July 15, 2008
Easy Mushroom Veggie Burgers