Easy Microwave Pie

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

I wanted to eat something sweet and quick. I made this up quickly (was inspired by a basic russian apple pie) and it turned out nice :)


  1. Dice apple in pieces and dump in a greased microwave bowl.
  2. In another bowl, mix egg till fluff. Add sugar and mix again. Add flour.
  3. Pour over the apples.
  4. Put the lid of the bowl on it. Put in microwave for 10 minutes (this can be diffrent, my microwave is quite quick). Check the dough in between by poking in a toothpick. if it comes out clean the pie is done.
Most Helpful

I was super excited about this pie. It seemed simple enough. I was slightly confused by the directions to 'pour' the flour, sugar and egg over the apple slices because what I had closely resembled play-doh. I remained optimistic however and went ahead and microwaved it. It came out with a chunk of dough on top the consistency of expanding insulation foam with some apple slices glued to the bottom of it. Unless I missed something, I would not try this again.

panda7412 March 20, 2014