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Mine turned into total mush between an hour and fifteen minutes and an hour and forty-five minutes. Tasted great, but could not serve (noodles were totally gone). I liked the ingredients though and may try it again, turning it to low after the first 45 minutes.

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JanuaryBride November 03, 2008

Super simple, and tasty. I had rigatoni pasta on hand so I used that. I let it go for the 45 minutes, then stirred, stirred 10 minutes later and felt the pasta was done. I turned off the pot, but in the next half hour it sucked up lots of the sauce, so next time I would serve it right away, while the pasta is still al dente, and the sauce is still saucy! I will make this again! ZWT8

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Chef PotPie August 05, 2012

A decent recipe, mild in flavor for what I was expecting. I liked the idea of the flavors, but would increase the spice next time, would also make the bacon crisp prior to adding it in. Just about 2 hours worked for mine, but I do have an older crockpot...I do suggest checking your pasta frequently and turning it to low early to avoid overcooking pasta. Next attempt I might add a jalepeno pepper for a little more spice. Nice and creamy - good recipe using ingredients well. Thanks! Made for first Craze-E Contest 2008.

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Mommy Diva November 04, 2008

Dh and I thought this was great! We thought that the spice was just right and that everything blended well. I did use turkey bacon(as I always do) and I think that might have helped with the "chewy bacon" problem another reviewer had. I didn't mind the "babysitting" because it only took 2 hours and I just stirred whenever I went back into the kitchen. This did turn out very rich even with low fat milk, which we really enjoyed. Great recipe, thanks.

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Chef Jean November 03, 2008

This was OK for us, but I just don't think we cared for a Mexican-type macaroni and cheese all that much. I cooked mine for about 2 hours. The pasta was done just right. I do think the bacon should be cooked crispy in the microwave before adding to the crock pot. I thought it was a nice use of contest ingredients, though!

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Lainey6605 November 03, 2008

Nice and cheesy, but needed more zing (IMHO). The bacon was overpowered by the cream cheese. Maybe added garlic, more bacon, and a chipotle chile would spice it up a bit. Only four stars due to the fact that you have to "babysit" this recipe. I like crock pot recipes because I can throw in the ingredients and then not worry for four to eight hours. With this recipe, you have to be right there and stir every half hour. Made and reviewed for Craze E contest 2008

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pamela t. November 03, 2008

Made for ZWT-8 Family Picks, your recipe attracted me because I love Tex-Mex food & using my crockpot for it. I read the somewhat mixed reviews & made the recipe using med-sized (but sturdy) pasta shells & crisped the bacon as suggested by 2 reviewers. I do think black olives &/or grd meat would be excellent adds for those so inclined or when a greater amt is needed to serve family or guests. While I love the combo of flavours & see this as Mexican "comfort food", I do feel the advantage of using a crockpot is lost on this recipe. I found myself wishing I could cook the pasta, assemble the ingredients in a casserole dish & pop it into the oven to get all bubbly B4 serving. A compromise might be to make the recipe on the stove-top & transfer it to the crockpot to keep warm for direct service. Thx for sharing this recipe w/us. -- Edited to Add: If the use of the crockpot was a contest requirement, then you might consider revising the cooking method of this recipe. :)

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twissis August 29, 2012
Easy Mexican Mac and Cheese