Easy Method Basic Red Sauce (Salsa De Chile Roja)

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READY IN: 40mins

This is an easier way of making my Basic Red Chile Roja #309769, which is prepared by soaking the dried chiles in water, then pureeing it all. Both are delicious, but this one gives you a little head start for perhaps a week-night meal. This is the beauriful deep red sauce that you will find smothering foods coming from the kitchens of fine Mexican restaurants, hopefully to your table. I use this fabulous sauce on things like smothered burritos, enchaladas, and I always simmer chicken and beef in it. The broth will make your sauce rich and on the thicker side. You may add a little water to thin your sauce, if necessary. I also sometimes add just a touch of tequila to give it a little "zing!" This makes approximately 9 or 10 cups, but can easily be reduced to a smaller amount. This freezes great. **Note: This is really my hubby's recipe, and he has always added approximately 1 oz. of Hershey's Special Dark chocolate, and as odd as it sounds, it is delicious. So, I'm not going to stand in the way of progress! He says it balances the the sometimes bitterness of the chiles or powder. Having said all that, I'm sure you could substitute Mexican chocolate.

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  1. Cook and stir the onions and garlic in oil in 2-qt. saucepan until onion is tender.
  2. Add the chili powder and chicken broth, mix well, then add the tomato sauce, oregano, cumin seed and salt.
  3. Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, sauce should be somewhat thickened.
  4. Cool.
  5. Transfer to blender.
  6. Refrigerate no longer than 10 days.

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