Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 15 mins

This is the simple recipe to create a meringue topping for your pies. This recipe is enough for 8 inch Pie. **For a 9 inch pie-Use 3 egg whites,6 TB sugar.** **For a 10 inch pie,4 egg whites,1/2 cup sugar**


  1. Beat the egg whites until frothy.
  2. Gradually add in the sugar,continuing to beat until stiff.
  3. Combine vanilla extract.
  4. Spread over pie and bake at least 10-15 minutes at 350.
Most Helpful

I have such a hard time with meringue, but this one just seems to work for me. I have tried using cream of tarter and slowing adding sugar but my meringue always came out tough. This is so simple and so easy. I guess i just tried to make it hard for myself.BCD

Bertsy Davenport July 28, 2002

Easiest and best meringue you'll ever make!

Candy M. November 25, 2015

Worked excellent, browned beautifully and remained light and fluffy.

Jim D. October 25, 2015