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nice and easy as it says. you can also put the cheese mixture in a sandwich bag, cut the corner off and squeeze it in like using a pastry bag

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ronk928 February 10, 2013

This was very easy but came out dry as the pasta seemed to absorb most of the moisture from the sauce. If I was to try this again, I would probably add 1/2 c or more of water. The flavor of the filling was quite tasty.

Update: I tried this again, adding 1/2 cup of water and 8 oz of tomato sauce. I used cottage cheese in place of the ricotta and cut the mozzarella down to 3/4 cup. And added ground Italian sausage to the sauce... YUM!!!

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Kelly-Mom2Girls October 17, 2012

Not only was this easy but it was really good. I put a thin layer of sauce in the bottom of the dish -- I always do that with lasagna -- prevents the noodles from sticking. When I prepared the sauce, I also added some browned Italian sausage and a few mushrooms. I'm assuming the parsley goes in with the cheese mixture -- that's where I put it. I made this in loving memory of MEP -- and for her Cook-a-Thon.

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Bobbie August 05, 2009

This was very tasty. I made it for my husbands birthday, and he loved it too...he had seconds, so I'm sure it was good for him, too. It was easy, especially using the baggie to squirt the filling in. (Now I know how much time I've wasted in the past trying to spoon it in! Oh well...) I did add a package of frozen spinach, microwaved it for 1/2 the time it said, and drained/squeezed it using a strainer and a glass to press it down. In retrospect, I'd use the liquid from the spinach to add to the sauce, instead of the cup of water I added, but it was still great. If you like the manicotti softer, reduce the temp, maybe 350?-375?, and go 10-15 minutes longer...I may try doubling the sauce next time, and leaving out the water. Oh, and my package of manicotti had 14 in it, and I still had extra filling, (probably the spinach addition, and the Precious Ricotta brand I like was a 2lb container, and I went over a pound by a couple ounces) so I mixed it into the sauce, that worked out great, too. :)) I forgot to take pictures as we were enjoying it so much, so I'll try to get one when we have leftovers...and post it, it truly was great. :)

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lil' sis July 09, 2012

I'm glad that HEP MEP posted this recipe/techinique so that I could try it. It just didn't work for me but seemed to work for so many of you. I'm sorry to hear about her death and I mean no disrespect with the following review:

I'm giving this 3 stars because I found that it didn't make anything faster for me than my normal method =( I really did want to love this technique. I actually found that this made the noodles harder to stuff even when using the zip lock baggie trick. I also noticed that the noodles came out el dente which is not how I like them. Sorry...

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"mom of girls" April 20, 2011

My daughter loves manicotti! This was an easy meal for her to fix the family!

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GRae68 February 04, 2010

I love this recipe! It is SO easy to make since you cut out the step of cooking the noodles. I usually mix the marinara with a little bit of water and I put more sauce than it calls for because we really like a lot of sauce. Delicious!!!

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JulieP108 October 15, 2009

This was super easy (once I found the Ziploc baggies) and tasted so good. As my 2 y.o. put it, mmm, mmm, good. And he's my picky eater! I made it exactly as the recipe stated, except I didn't have the parsley. I almost forgot, I added some extra sauce, so the noodles would be covered. It was awesome! I will use this and share it again!

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rwchef August 27, 2009

I thought this was pretty good but the next time I make this I will for sure be using a little bit more sauce. I thought I would like this more but it actually made me think of being a little kid eating stuffed shells. I used the large box and about 1 1/2 lb. of ricotta and just threw in some extras of everything else. Will make again, with just a few minor changes! Thanks!! :)

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Ashley S. August 27, 2009
Easy Manicotti