Easy Low Fat S'mores (Smores)

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Total Time
15 mins
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If you're on a low fat diet and have a sweet tooth, this might curve your cravings. I ate this while I was on a diet (every once and a while..IN MODERATION!). It's not as good as the orgional (of course), but it has all the "S'mores components." Only down side, it may have a lot of sugar (carbs). But I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Oh, and feel free to add more or less marshmallow or chocolate syrup if you want. (P.S.- this snack is MESSY).

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  1. Roast marshmallows over open flame (or you can break a full graham cracker sheet in half, place 1 marshmallow on top of it, and put it in the middle of the microwave for 15 seconds, skip to step three if you used the microwave).
  2. Break a full graham cracker sheet in half and place a roasted marshmallow on top.
  3. Drizzle desired amount of Hersey's chocolate syrup on top of the roasted marshmallow.
  4. Sandwich with the other half of the graham cracker sheet.
  5. Enjoy in moderation! :-D.
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this was pretty good, but I really couldn't taste the chocolate syrup. I'll stick with real chocolate next time.

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