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Absolutely a wonderful "baked" egg roll recipe. I used shrimp and green onions in place of imitation crab and regular onion. Baked at 425 for 20 minutes and they came out nice and crispy. Not your typical "fried" egg roll, but when you're craving food that is bad for you and fix it in a way that is good for you, sometimes you don't miss it the other way! Served them with Thai Dipping sauce Thai Dipping Sauce for Spring Wrap or Egg Rolls. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Meekocu2 February 19, 2010

Made these as a snack using a 500 gram dry coleslaw mix (next time I'll make my own and shred it finely), and 250 grams of seafood highlighter/extender (I think that is similar or the same as imitation crab). My wrappers were 12.5cm square (4 7/8 inches) and I made 20 but would only have used less than 1/2 the mix, will make up the rest tomorrow and freeze them and see how they go. It was certainly a great way to get the DM to eat vegetables and served with a soy/honey sauce and a sweet chilli sauce to dip made a great snack. Thank you MsSally, made for Edition 5 - Make My Recipe - a game of tag.

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I'mPat August 31, 2008

These are outstanding - we both enjoyed them *significantly more* than the greasy, deep-fried ones from Chinese restaurants. Maybe the reason I had better results than other reviewers is because I had the good sushi-grade Krab, substituted green onion for the onion, and had a variety of really good dipping sauces. Also we're not so big on fried foods in general - these were fresh, crisp and yummy, and would even work for vegetarians, omitting the Krab.

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FLKeysJen August 09, 2008

This was really, really, OK... I (the chef) wasn't overly happy with the results, but on the bright side my wife was. I think I'll work on this a little more and get back to y'all.

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Chef Stu #2 May 12, 2008

These were my first try at making homemade egg rolls and I'm hooked! I halved the recipe since I'm only cooking for two. After I mixed the filling ingredients I whizzed it a bit in the food processor to get a finer texture. I also thought it might be easier to roll them if the filling didn't have large pieces in it. I fried these today, I'll try them again some time and bake them. I think they were still healther than the store-bought full-of-fillers kind, even with the deep frying! I served these with http://www.recipezaar.com/258041 and steamed rice. No more frozen egg rolls in my kitchen!

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Zanni February 04, 2008

These were very good....but didn't put me over the top, the way I was hoping! In fact, the whole family was un-excited by the finish...we all prefer the deep-fried variety much better (cholestrol-laden, artery-popping oil!). The filling was OUTSTANDING, and I will for SURE be making THAT part of the recipe again and again....with a deep-fried finish. I used a broccoli-carrot type of slaw mix--which gave a bit of a different taste to the whole thing. Also used 16 oz. of imitation crab meat, and was a bit heavy-handed with the ginger--packing in the flavor! I mixed up some soy sauce, cider vinegar and raspberry jam to make a dipping sauce--we all loved that, too.

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Debber September 11, 2007

These were simple to make and it makes a lot. 20+ eggrolls. With the leftover filling, I stir-fried and served with rice. Cooked 4 up immediately and froze the rest. Great instructions, lowfat and delicious to boot!

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KelBel August 29, 2007

I always wanted to make my own egg rolls, and this was so easy! These rolls did not come out like deep fried egg rolls, but I did not expect them to either. I served with a terrific dipping sauce, foodtvfan's Simple Soy Dipping Sauce. Without some kind of sauce (or hot and sour or Chinese mustard), these might taste a bit bland. I did use tofu instead of imitation crabmeat, and otherwise kept everything the same. Next time I might try these with plenty of green onions instead of regular onion, and maybe add additional seasonings. Use a very big bowl to mix this together, and the whole recipe exactly fit 20 egg roll wrappers for me. Thanks, I'm glad I finally made these!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend August 20, 2007

i just made this(pared down for 1 person) for my lunch and it was fabulous!!!

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katybugkaren August 07, 2007
Easy Krab Egg Rolls (Baked Low-Fat)