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I liked the ease of the recipe and thought the idea creative. I thought the inclusion of pickle relish was also an inventive touch. That said, we were disappointed with the recipe. :-(
The result tasted more like a "cheeseburger" than sloppy joes; so much so that we felt the only similarity was the texture of the meat. The dish was very cheesy and pale yellow in color. The recipe doesn't specify sweet or dill relish. I used the dill and unsweetened applesauce which probably contributed to my wanting a little sweetness in the dish. The cooking times were spot on. Served on buns along with slaw and cob corn. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

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Susie D March 02, 2013

This was quite good but not as successful with my kids (my prime sloppy joe market) as I had hoped. The 'wet' ingredients turned into a very sweet and overpowering flavour combo that I feel overwhelmed the beef. Also, there was not as much 'sauce' as we normally like in our sloppy joe mix. Lastly, I think we would have enjoyed it more if the cheese had been added towards the end of the cooking time, by the time it finished cooking, the texture was just weird but that may be the cheese I had to use (cheese slices) as Velveeta isn't available.

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evelyn/athens March 02, 2013
Easy Kid-Friendly Crock Pot Sloppy Joes