Easy Italian Grill Pan Chicken

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is something i just did one night when i couldnt get to the store and had a dinner party planned.

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  1. 1. put chicken dressing and rosemary in a container with a lid and marinade overnight or as long as you can. the longer the better.
  2. 2. heat up some olive oil in the grill pan untill nice and hot.
  3. 3.place chicken in and pour maranade over all the chicken in pan.
  4. 4.thouroghly cook through about 15 mins on each side. cut open if needed to see if it is white inside -- white inside means done.
Most Helpful

I was surprised at how good this recipe is, however there is nothing in the instructions about what to do with the wine, so I had to guess. I also had to improvise, as I don't have a grill pan. I cooked my chicken in a saute pan, with a weighted, foil covered pan, sort of as a press. After I got a nice brown color on the chicken, I added about half of the wine, for about the last 10 minutes of cooking time. I did give a lot of flavor. I used the other half of the wine, so deglaze the pan, after I removed the chicken, scraping up all the brown bits, and reducing, for a sauce. The flavor was fab! I will definitely make this again! Thanks so much for posting this recipe, Boos Rachie. Made for Fall PAC 2011.

alligirl October 30, 2011