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Made for Photo Tag. This IS DELICIOUS!!!!! The beef I used was not thick enough so it cooked to more well-done than we normally like so I would fix that for next time.I made a mushroom red wine reduction with a splash of cream from the pan bits left from browning off the beef before baking. We really like this method of individual Wellingtons better than our old recipe because you get your own little package of pastry and more of the paté.

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Lorrie in Montreal December 18, 2008

Delicious, the braunsweiger/parsley/green onion puree kept a moist barrier around the meat, all encased in delicate dietetic phyllo. With 2Bleu's permission, I tried this with venison tenderloin. I put a thin slather of the puree around the tenderloin, so it did not overwhelm the venison; it did a great job of keeping the meat moist. This was the first time I ever worked with phyllo sheets, and it will take some practice for me to get the hang of them. After searing and chilling the meat, I would wipe it dry before applying the puree; otherwise the puree would not cling to the meat. We had tenderloin from a young deer, so my tenderloin pieces were small, and they came out medium (we usually shoot for medium rare for venison), so I need to check at 15 minutes next time. DH was quite happy, even with medium meat, because it stayed moist. Thanks for posting. Made for Photo Tag.

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KateL December 18, 2008
Easy Individual Beef Wellingtons