Easy Hot Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

This recipe is from Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello on Food Network. You may make this ahead and reheat. Make sure to either whisk it or blend it in a blender to make it light and foamy before serving.


  1. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan. Split the vanilla bean and add to the boiling water. Add sugar, cinnamon, espresso, and a pinch of salt. Simmer for 1 minute and add the bittersweet chocolate. Whisk until it gets thick. Add milk and simmer 1 minute.
  2. Serve immediately with sprinkling of chili powder on top, and you can add a dollop of vanilla ice cream if you wish.
Most Helpful

The first time I made this, it was a little sweet for my taste. The second time, I decreased the sugar to 1/2 cup, and it was perfect! For an even yummier adult beverage, add a shot or two of Kahlua. To die for!!!

Dizwendy December 24, 2006

All I can say is DELICIOUS! I even added in a pinch cayenne pepper, my DH loved this, thanks for sharing this great hot chocolate recipe kolibri!...Kitten :)

Kittencal@recipezazz March 31, 2007

This was "the best hot chocolate I've ever had" according to my husband. :) VERY yummy. I only used 1/4 c. of sugar, and ended up adding more milk as well... I will probably use 4 cups of milk (2 %) the next time I make it with maybe 1/3 c. of sugar. I used Trader Joe's 72% dark chocolate (our favorite!!) I quit using packaged hot chocolate mixes a while back, and now I know we will never go back! :) Thanks for the recipe. It was the perfect complement to our rainy afternoon!!

Al Al January 17, 2007

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