Easy Hot Homemade Mustard

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This was a staple as I grew up. We used it on ham, and any cold cuts of meat. I am told that as a toddler I sucked my thumb, so my parents thought if they put some of this hot mustard on my thumb,I would stop sucking it. I fooled them and asked for more!


  1. In a small size mixing bowl, mix tog mustard, sugar and flour.
  2. Add enough boiling water to make a thick paste.
  3. Thin the thick paste with vinegar to give you the consistency of paint to thinner if you like.
  4. Store in a jar in the fridge.


Most Helpful

Marvelous! I whipped up a batch this morning. I used Coleman's English Dry Mustard and left off on the vinegar when the result was still quite thick, I really don't care for thin, watery mustards. I was so impressed with the results I prepared a second batch. This one I slowly added ground horseradish to the end product 'til it had just the right bite. The tears in my eyes are one part joy and one part horseradish-mustard. THANX for posting this great recipe. Pierre

Pierre Dance May 27, 2004

3 tsp of mustard make it spicy and 3 tsp sugar too sweet. Otherwise it is up to you to find the right balance

wildliferescue July 20, 2013

I'm sorry - I didn't like this. It mostly tasted like dry mustard mixed with water.

cuisinebymae December 04, 2004

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