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This is absolutely amazing. So easy to... We just threw it together one night and it came out with amazing flavor. I may try marinating it in that sauce overnight and then just throwing it in the pan.

We just went to the deli and bought 4 slices of bacon since we didn't want to waste a whole pack (it's just two of us) and it wasn't done. Next time, I'll just throw it on right away and let it cook with the chicken. We kind of expected that to happy and cooked chicken 10 minutes - then put bacon on for 15 - then put cheese since the recipe mentioned they used pre cooked bacon, but it still wasn't enough time.

We only used part-skim mozzarella and shredded it ourselves instead of the package mozzarella and I think that's the only way I'd do it again.

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bsouth21 November 08, 2011
Easy Honey Mustard Mozzerella Chicken