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This is a very basic recipe that you can personalize and make with ingredients you usually have on hand. I used vanilla flavored syrup and added about 1 cup of mixed chocolate and peanut butter morsels after the mixture had cooked and cooled a little. I baked these in my toaster oven for 22 minutes and think they could have come out a little sooner. They didn't break apart when eaten and were tasty. Next time, I'm trying raisins, chocolate, and cashews.

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TreeSquirrel December 02, 2010

5 Stars for a granola bar recipe that turns out well. Quick and easy and not a whole lot to clean up afterwards. I made mine in a loaf pan, and they slice really well, plus it can fit in the toaster oven so saves energy. I added choco chips and sliced almonds. I like that this recipe doesn't use a whole lot of corn syrup, but I'll attempt it again with some brown rice syrup to see if it holds together as well. I also think you could use less sugar if you're adding choco chips. Watch the timer, another minute and the edges would have been burnt.

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magpie diner January 07, 2012

I came across this recipe while looking for GF Feingold diet recipes. I made these tonight and they are DELICIOUS!! I don't think I want to share them with anyone!! I also put in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, unsweetened coconut and some walnuts. The glaze on them is amazing! I'll be making these REGULARLY!

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feingold_cookin January 03, 2012
Easy Homemade Granola Bars - Gluten Free