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where it says sugar it actually means brown sugar white sugar will only brown if you burn it also may not harden up to a candy consistency. so again use brown sugar not white or granulated sugar.

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gdnste December 23, 2013

This is the best homemade almond roca recipe I have found. It is easy to make and comes with great directions. Thanks for sharing!

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aprilfool4jon September 15, 2012

I would give this 10 stars if it was possible!! This recipe is sooo yummy and easy to make! I made it for the first time, and it was unbelievably delicious! Everyone loved it! Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

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CANDYLEH March 17, 2012

Yummeee!!!!!! I made this recipe, (super easy, btw!) and everyone RAVED about it! I poored my toffee part in a greased 8x8 pan, and scored it, making small squares (roughly the size of a quarter) and dipped in the melted chocolate, rolled in toasted, chopped almonds.......... MMMMmmmmmmmmmm................ :) thanks!!! great recipe!!!

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Kantokahsdid December 15, 2008

Ok. First, ignore the post about using brown, rather than white sugar. You want the flavor of a slightly "browned sugar." Secondly, buy a candy thermometer, if you don't have one. This is a science. Not an art. Third, brown slightly the almonds. Buy slivers. Keep a keen eye out during this process, as they will go from golden to ruined in an instant. Obviously, this can not be done at the same time you are preparing your candy mixture. Unless, you have six hands and three eyeballs. Do it first. Let the almonds rest for a bit, then put them in the very heaviest duty "ziplock" bag you can find. Grab a hammer. Pound those almonds into submission. The finer the better. Lastly, no need to melt the chocolate simply place them, scatter them, put them all over your toffe, when you pour the mixture into the buttered pan and they will melt on their own. Just spatula to spread the chocolate before adding the remaining toasted almonds. Do refrigerat, or cool. But not too long, no more than two hours, or the chocolate will separate from the toffee. Make four pans. Will take up your evening. But, armed with wax paper and about 10 decorative tins from the dollar store, YOU are now a winner ...

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Anonymous May 20, 2015

Really loved this recipe. I cooked it for 25 minutes to a color right before the stated

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nkolke December 21, 2014

My TIPS for this recipe: made two batches of this to give as Christmas gifts and wanted to offer some feedback. I found that in using a spray oil on the cookie sheet that it left a film on the bottom of the toffee, so I had to blot each piece with a paper towel. On the first batch, I scored into the toffee, but only part way. When inverting the pan to release the candy, it broke into irregular shapes so I just went with that. Also a Lot of the nut topping was displaced. <br/><br/>So on batch #2 I scored deeply into the toffee, and also lightly tapped the almond topping into the chocolate after sprinkling. Once again, the toffee just broke where it wanted to though so I have no clue what the point of the scoring is. That WAS helpful to pat the almonds into the chocolate so they more readily stay put (but a Lot still come loose when inverting). I also decided to add 1/4" tsp. of almond extract to the toffee mixture, something I often like to add to recipes. To me, it "cuts" the sweetness a tad and definitely adds to the finished taste which is yummy.<br/><br/>Also -- since it was bizarrely missing from the orignal recipe -- the baking pan I used measures15" X 10" and was the ideal size. <br/><br/>Will I make it again [someday]? ....Yup. Thx. Juju Bee, as Almond Roca is my elderly mom's favorite so I hope she gets a kick out of this homemade version.af

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TKs_1_girl December 14, 2014

I tried to make fudge once, total disaster, so I've always shied away from making candy. However, my BIL makes almond roca every year for the family at Christmas, he insisted it was easy. So, when I found this recipe, I pushed up my sleeves and decided I'd give it a try. The store didn't have anything but sliced almonds, which I didn't like the looks of, so I bought crushed pecans, otherwise I followed the direction exactly. The mixture took a long time to come to temperature, (I used a candy thermometer), the better part of 45 minutes, but I have a new electric stove, and I was increasing the heat by one increment at a time. This really does need a med or better heat level, it really does turn the color of a paper bag. I used salted butter and white sugar, and poured the mixture into a lasagna sized, buttered, disposable aluminum pan. This worked perfectly, as I don't think the recipe said what size of vessel to use. I melted the chocolate chips in a bowl over boiling water. Once everything was in the pan, we set it out in the garage over night, 40 degrees or so. This morning, we had roca to rival my BIL"s! It came out easily, and is perfect in every way! I can't believe I did it!! Thank you so much! Now, I don't have to spend grossly over inflated prices at craft fairs to get my fix!

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Nougat January 19, 2014

great directions, it is easy to make.Thank you :)

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jescali1 January 05, 2014

Follow the recipe using granulated white sugar! I have been making this for decades and it never fails. This is one of my most requested candies.

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Mean Mary December 24, 2013
Easy Homemade Almond Roca