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Oh my, this is a dangerous recipe! I loved the combo of p.b. and Nutella, which was even better with the banana. I didn't have flax so skipped that. I tried with a marshmallow but it kind-of got lost in the other flavors. I forgot to try the cinnamon or honey but will be doing that next time. I also forgot about the heating option until I only had one sandwich left - wish I'd remembered sooner as that was a nice touch! I guess I'll just have to make these again soonest so I can try all the other variations I forgot about! :) Thanks for sharing!

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flower7 January 31, 2011

Oh WOW!! If you can believe it, these are even better than they sound (even though they sound really good)! The combination of the peanut butter with the Nutella is out of this world. I also liked the cinnamon option, but not the marshmallow as much. For the heating option, I couldn't get the amount of time right, 5 seconds was too little and 10 seconds was too much. I'll have to play with that. These went great on crackers too. A definite new favorite!

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Maito March 16, 2010

Super simple, low carb & delicious. I was looking for yummy recipes that incorporated flax seed. Thanks for sharing. [Made & Reviewed for Healthy Choices Tag]

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Gaia22 July 26, 2009

The combination of peanut butter and Nutella is lovely. I have had this combination before with banana on honey wheat bread and it is very yummy. I have never had it before with flaxseed, but feel that it would make a wonderful breakfast. Thank you for sharing.

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Blue Peacock September 18, 2008
Easy Healthy Banana Peanut Butter Nutella Sandwich Snacks