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This recipe is fantastic. Since I had an excellent ham carbonara while in Germany ten years ago, I have been looking for something that came close. This one did! I am inspired to try it with variations such as olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Also, I had a one pound box of angel hair pasta so I doubled the recipe because it seemed like alot of pasta to combine to the single recipe. My suggestion that might make it even better is lighter on the oil and margarine and use more broth. If you want to get really fancy, fresh parmasan and baby peas would be very tasty. One last thing - the fresh parsley made it taste very fresh. Very easy and pleasing for the whole family.

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Ann Cecile April 08, 2002

I am usually very skeptical of recipes that look easy because they often lack flavor. This recipe was a pleasant surprise! It was not only the easiest recipe to make but the flavor was amazing for such a simple recipe; economical too. I used linguine instead of angel hair pasta (a little heartier noodle for my DH), substituted butter for the margarine (a little richer flavor)and used dried parsley instead of fresh (didn't have fresh - 8 teaspoons dried = 8 Tablespoons fresh). I modified one step but only because I was afraid I'd screw up the addition of straight egg yolks to the mixture - I mixed the egg yolks with a portion of the chicken broth. I will definetly make this recipe often in the future- 5 stars.

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Caryn March 08, 2002

I love this recipe. I have made this with ham, salmon, baby shrimp, and chicken. All were excellent. After several times making this, I have made a couple of small changes. I use Olive Oil instead of vegetable oil. I have been using 1/2 cup of margarine. I cut the heat back alot, and melt the margarine very slowly. I also use 3 egg yolks and 3/4 cup of parmesan cheese. I make sure to keep heating everything until the water is gone, and all that is left is the creamy coating. Thanks again for the great recipe.

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Mike McCartney February 19, 2004

Easy excellent recipe. Next time I make it however, I'm going to use only 1/2 the box of pasta as it made far too much. Good flavor, before even tasting it, my husband rated it a "keeper".

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Bekeur July 05, 2002

Delicious! Carbonara is one of my husband's favorite dishes so I made this for his b-day dinner. I didn't realize it would taste so yummy w/o cream! I didn't have ham so I used bacon instead. I also used olive oil and real butter. And I omitted the parsley since I didn't have any. It was so good we ate it for breakfast this morning! Thanks for posting this.

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Literary Mom March 13, 2003

The flavor was excellent! Maybe 4 ounces of pasta instead of a package (mine was 12 oz.) would be better.

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cookie j August 07, 2002

I messed this one up pretty badly! I didn't have a pot large enough to hold the pasta and ham mixture, so I just added the yolks to the bubbling ham mixture, thinking I could pour it over the pasta at serving. What a mistake! The flavor would have been good if i hadn't cooked the yolks at such a hot temperature. It wound up tasting like an enormous noodly omelet! I am guessing it is pretty important to follow the directions as they are on this one!

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a_olson82 January 09, 2007

What a wonderful recipe. So quick and easy, and with items that most of us have in the kitchen every day. I added a little bit of garlic powder and italian seasoning. Next time I'm going to try it with a little less oil and butter and a bit more broth to see if I can make it a bit lighter. Might also try adding some diced bacon and mushrooms. Thanks for the post, it's a keeper.

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PolarAce April 09, 2007

This is to-die-for! I used 10 ounces of linguine and cut the oil and butter down to 1/3 of that called for. Other than that I followed the recipe as written. I never make pasta carbonara because it's so high high in fat. This one is less to start with and you can cut even more out of this recipe without sacrificing texture or flavor. Just make sure you use a high quality homemade broth. Comfort food at it's best!!

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sugarpea January 10, 2004

Great recipe! Made this after having too may egg yolks left over after making Royal icing for a gingerbread house. Now after trying this I may just be stuck with left over egg whites!! Thanks for this suggestion over in the "talk" thread. I made this recipe just as directed except for subbing dried parsley for fresh, and it was perfect!

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* Pamela * December 23, 2003
Easy Ham Carbonara