Easy Guacamole

READY IN: 5mins
Recipe by Chicagopm

I like this recipe because it's sooo easy. I make this for parties and it's always finished quickly. The most difficult part of this recipe is opening the jar of salsa! :)

Top Review by GaylaJ

I think using salsa is a super shortcut! I make guacamole at least once a week, and more times than not these days, this is roughly how I make it. I do like to try various recipes at times, but when I want to make it quickly, without even having to pull out a cutting board, I take the salsa shortcut. Ironically, I was in California a few months ago visiting my sister and, as she and a friend were prepping appetizers for a party, her (California-native) friend grabbed some avocados to make guacamole. Seems as we were visiting in the kitchen, the guacamole was just suddenly there. She came up with it so quickly, and it tasted great, so I asked her how she made it. She did use fresh salsa, which cut down drastically on the time and effort involved. She also halved the avocado, removed the pit, folded the halves in half (if that makes sense) and just squeezed the avocado flesh into the bowl. It doesn't take long to spoon the flesh out, but squeezing it out just seems to make it even faster. Since then, this is pretty much how I've made mine. I do usually add a few other ingredients and always add lime juice, but the use of prepared salsa cuts down prep time considerably. My husband and I are avocado fiends, and I love that I can come up with decent guac in basically seconds (of course, the salsa you use will affect the end result greatly). Anyway, guacamole snobs may sneer at making guac this way, but we'll just sit and enjoy ours while we watch them chopping away. :) Thanks for posting!

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  1. Mash avocados.
  2. Add salsa.

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