Easy Grilled Lime Chicken- W/ OAMC Directions Too!

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

Thaw and marinade your chicken breasts at the same time in this wonderful concoction! Toss it all in a zipper seal bag and throw in the refrigerator. Ready the next day to throw on the grill! The seasonings are a fusion of Asian and SW flavors making it suitable for both catagories in the World Tour.

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  1. Mix together and pour over 4 frozen chicken breasts in zipper seal bag. Allow to thaw in refrigerator.
  2. Drain marinade and grill until chicken is no longer pink in middle.
  3. Use less cayenne- or none- to reduce heat!
  4. OAMC: To freeze: Place chicken and marinade in a large freezer bag. Seal, label and freeze. To serve: Place in fridge to thaw overnight. Grill or broil until done. Thanks Lucid for these great instructions!
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WONDERFUL! Made the marinade as directed. Couldn't grill due to rain so I simply threw everything in a non-stick pan and cooked it down until the chicken was cooked through. The chicken breasts I had were rather thick so I ended up having to add some water a few times in order to draw out the cooking time... I really think that helped to intensify the flavours! The spice was perfect for us! This will be a regular occurrence for me now!!

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Very good, moist chicken - I followed the recipe and it was good - I guess I was expecting more flavor. I marinated overnight, and grilled on the George Forman grill. I think next time I will try on the stove and see if I can't get a more cooked in flavor. Very easy recipe!

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We liked this, but it was a bit too tangy for our liking. I think next time I'll reduce the lime juice a bit. Five stars for the ease of preparation, though :)<br/>Thanks for posting!<br/>Made for My Diabetic Recipes / Diabetes Forum