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500 was way too hot to cook this, as my glaze nearly lit! Saved it just in time, scraped off the burnt bit and added a little extra sugar on top of the breasts. Turned it down to 375 to finish cooking and they turned out fine. Needs a little something else for flavor though... tasted good but lacking a little something.

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elizabeth May 13, 2009

I made this for dinner, using legs instead of breasts. I fed 6 boys (ages 11-16) and my husband, and they were all very pleased. Several comments were made about needing to have them again! I did put water in the bottom of the pans and it worked out great. Thank you!!

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DanaeS January 14, 2012

I thought this needed something. I liked the subtle sweetness from the brown sugar, but otherwise I found it to be bland. I think I might go with adding some chicken broth and maybe some other seasonings next time.

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Lydia's Mama January 05, 2010

I did not care for this recipe. I guess I was expecting a different outcome, more like a sweet garlic glaze over the chicken, but it didn't turn out quite like I expected.

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nmj March 24, 2009

The oil and garlic mixture burned in onto the tinfoil the pan yet the chicken was still pale and didn't have any of the garlic mix baked onto it, the piece I tried was tough and tasteless. We ended up throwing this out and eating cereal for dinner.

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Pomtini October 01, 2012

Definitely easy and tasty... was a bit dry though. I followed most of the instructions, baked at 500 and checked it at 17 minutes, it was still a bit pink inside. So I put it back in for another 5 minutes, and then it was slightly overdone. LOL!

My alterations:
Along with the garlic, I also sauteed some minced onion (not a lot, about 1/4 of a sweet onion). Before putting the brown sugar glaze over the chicken breasts, I seasoned the breasts with salt, pepper, onion powder and, since I also wanted a bit of heat but had no red pepper flakes or cayenne, I also sprinkled some cajun seasoning (by Club House). Then the brown sugar mixture on top and into oven. Other reviewers also stated to line your pan with tin foil... YES! Definitely do that... at the end of the cooking time, there was a sticky burnt film on the bottom that would have been on my pan instead of the foil... thank goodness I used the foil or I woulda been scrubbing away!!

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MommaVof3 July 03, 2012

Melt a little swiss cheese on top & even a slice of tomato!!!

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SteamPunk Meli December 30, 2010

I didn't really care for it. I found the garlic to be overpowering. I might try again with a little less garlic next time.

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RachelB-KY September 09, 2009

This recipe is horrible and I wouldn't waste my time. At 500F with nothing to keep the chicken moist, you're going to dry out the breasts before they even cook through. You're going to burn the garlic (even the garlic in the picture is burnt) and probably even burn the sugar, too. If you're desperate for brown sugar and garlic flavored chicken, which sounds silly IMHO, coat the chicken in (uncooked minced) garlic, olive oil, butter, and salt pepper. Don't heat it up, just mix together. Put breasts on a rack over a pan that contains onion, celery, and carrot. Put in an oven at 350F, cook until internal temperature is at 165. On a pan, make caramel out of brown sugar, and add a cup of chicken stock once the sugar is caramelized. Skim off fat, then deglaze pan with a touch of white wine, and put the fond into the pan with the stock and sugar. Add a tablespoon of butter to the pan. Boil and reduce until thick and creamy, then coat the chicken with the sauce. Now you have a chicken that has great caramelized brown sugar flavor, great garlic flavor, and the chicken isn't dry. One last thing: I didn't try this recipe. I've been cooking long enough to know what a bad recipe is just by looking at it, and I wouldn't waste my time and my money even trying this out.

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theamazing October 26, 2012

Ok -- let the rest -- I put a different spin on it. I didn't want to turn on the oven so....I heated a cast iron skillet that had a lid. Heated the oil, added the garlic then added the brown sugar with a few splashes of soy sauce. After I added the chicken I added about 1/2 cup of water and cooked the chicken on both sides. Then I put on the lid and let it simmer for 20 minutes, turned them over for another 15 minutes. Then took off the lid to let the liquid evaporate. Flipped the chicken and cooked 5 minutes then flipped them again. The liquid will get thick. Before serving, I flip them over a few times to get all the sauce. My 9 year old wanted more and said it was the best chicken -- my 11 year old looked like he licked the plate!

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ode2behealthy October 03, 2012
Easy Garlic Chicken