Easy Fluffy Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

Very Easy to Make! So light and fluffy, smooth textured cake. You would never know it was gluten free! No oil or butter in the batter so you can put heaps of butter on the finished product... using calories the wisest way!

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  1. Mix first three (wet) ingredients.
  2. Mix next four (dry) ingredients.
  3. Mix dry ingredients slowly to wet ingredients till everything is blended well.
  4. Heat pan to 4 (med), add oil, cook test pancake.
  5. Lower heat to 1 or min,.
  6. Use a drop of oil for each group of pancakes on the pan. They tend to stick a little.
  7. Use a lid to cook pancake inside out before the outside burns.
  8. MUST COOK ON LOW or they will burn!