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This is a great recipe, and it's great that it's based around whole cans of milk, instead of leaving you with partials. I make mine with 7 eggs, and I go a bit heavier on the vanilla and cinnamon. A tip! Don't try to flip your flan onto a plate. Instead, put your plate upside down on your baking vessel and flip both together, give the vessel a jiggle, and it should pop out exactly where you want it.

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Jon K. March 14, 2015

I LOVE flan, and am quite picky about it. I also grew up eating egg custard (w/ & w/o rice and nutmeg).
This is a terrific recipe! My family (extended) love it, and it is super easy to adjust to personal tastes. I have tried quite a few flan recipes, but almost gave up trying to find that perfect one... this recipe does it all!
I love that the recipe is super easy. I always have eggs in the house, so as long as I keep two cans each of condensed and evaporated milk in my pantry, I will always have a stand-by dessert for the unexpected. Not only is it convenient, but flexible, inexpensive, fool-proof, and delicious. It doesn't leave me with half a dozen egg-whites leftover to figure out what to do with, but is still super smooth and rich.
The Easy Flan recipe is way better than ones that use milk and sugar instead of condensed milk alone as the sweetener.
I've already made this recipe 5 times in two months!

Here are the variations I have tried:
w/ no additions
more cinnamon
nutmeg/mace, mixed-in & on top
substitute one can coconut milk for one can evaporated milk
as few as 8 eggs, up to 12 eggs
w/ & w/o caramel

It's delicious EVERY time. Try it, you won't regret it!
I'm going to go make some more right now...

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Mokey October 12, 2010

My Husband could not stop eating it little nibbles here and there. My Husband made this recipe with 7 eggs and instead of using regular cinnamon, he used cimmanom sugar (I forgot we were out of cinnamon). Everyone loved it. We will be using this one over and over.

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beaconsdot November 28, 2009

This recipe is really good, but I believe I improved it a bit. The cinnamon really adds to the flavor, but I don't think they added enough. I put in about 1/2 a teaspoon. Also for the variation in eggs I put in the minumum of 6. I think it makes a creamier texture. The more eggs you put in I think it would make a more egg like texture. Also I baked it in individual silicon cupcake pans and baked it for 45 mins to 1 hr. Then I just ran a knife along the edge where the pan and flan meet and flipped it. you may need to put a little bit of force on flipping it down to help get it out. Then take a spoon and scrape some of the liquified caramel on top or around the flan. Makes a nice presentation. With the improvements I would give this recipe 5 stars.

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theconstructioncoinc April 10, 2009

The preparation to make this was super easy (except the whole caramelizing sugar part). Never having made flan before, OR caramelized sugar... I was a little confused, but figured it out adequately. But it was super easy to just dump the ingredients in a bowl.. mix together and pour in a dish... then bake for an hour... can't beat that. We didn't have a tube pan, so we used just a regular baking dish. Getting the dish in another dish of water was a challenge.... and then subsequently flipping the flan out of the dish once it was done baking was another challenge... with 5-6 people in the kitchen trying to figure out how to do it... While the flan basically split in half during the flip-over... so it wasn't the most beautiful presentation... the taste was AMAZING. Everyone loved it -- and despite some of the gaffs... It was worth making... and I would definitely make it again...

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KUKristen January 27, 2009

The flan was very good and quite simple to make. However, I don't feel like I can give this recipe five stars because the directions are, in places, vague and incomplete. If I had not made other flan recipes in the past, I think I could have had a lot of problems. I might not have already known how to carmalize sugar, nor how to really know if the flan was done. There is also the matter of the large range for the number of eggs. At a minimum there should be an explanation for the huge range (firmer or softer flan? differing egg sizes? whim?) With better written, more complete directions this recipe would definitely rate five stars.

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cilantro grrl January 25, 2009

Delicious and easy to make! I made it for a work function and it was devoured!

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mssprout January 24, 2008

I have to say, I tried a few other recipes and they were complicated and "pretty good." This one was a HUGE hit. My boyfriend is Cuban and he loved it; he is a flan expert. One note though, this recipe made enough for two flans in my pan. You could cut it in half and have one beautiful flan. LOVED IT!

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whitehawkfarm July 05, 2007

Ino April 22, 2007

Absolutely fabulous! I've made this twice now and it has become a family favorite. This is easy enough to make anytime, not just for special occasions. I used 8 large eggs (happy medium) and the flan turned out firm and creamy. Using 6 eggs would probably give a softer custard. Many kudos!

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rm0ren0 December 31, 2006
Easy Flan