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What a great dish! I only made one change and that was to add 8 ozs of taco sauce and about a half cup of sour cream to the enchilada sauce. I have a feeling I'll be making this recipe quite often. Up date. I've now made this frying the corn torts and microwaving them to make them soft. The microwave is the way to go, it really cuts out a lot of grease from the finished product, and is much easier. UP DATE to the last up date...To make this easier to prepare I now make it like lasagna. I put down enchilada sauce a layer of corn tortillas, followed by the meat then a layer of cheese then another layer of tortillas. I top it off with enchilada sauce and cheese. The prep goes so much quicker using this method.

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madriley61 October 17, 2011

I added a little more onion, salt, and a can of green chilis. I also used flour tortillas because that is what I had on hand. They turned out great, especially with frying them a little which kept them crispy. My husband polished off the leftovers and wanted more!

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Chris R. October 13, 2002

I made the beef ones and there were hardly any leftovers. My DS and DH ate almost all of them in one sitting. These were easy to make. I used 2 10 ounce cans of enchilada sauce and came out perfect. Next time I will try the chicken. Thanks for an easy and simple recipe.

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Shari2 September 29, 2002

WOW!!! These were incredible! I made beef enchiladas and they were better even than the enchiladas at my favorite Mexican restuarant. The recipe didn't specify what size can of enchilada sauce to buy, so I used a 10 oz. can. Probably could use a wee bit more next time, but the recipe still tasted incredible and was fairly simple to put together.

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AngelaTN June 10, 2002

I am a terrible cook and these turned out fabulous! I just added a tsp of chili powder and 1/2 tsp of crushed red pepper to the spice mix. I also used low carb flour tortillas and did not fry them. These were sooooooo good, I can't thank you enough for posting this, even my picky eater son loved them.

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rachelmiller440 January 20, 2011

Awesome recipe! Very easy to prepare, delicious, and lots of leftovers! My whole family and I loved them! Thanks for a great recipe!

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canarygirl September 15, 2002

I tried this recipe because I love Amer-Mexican cooking. I didn't bother to fry the tortillas- I used uncooked corn tortillas straight from the package and the only problem I had was my tortillas tended to crack when I rolled them (no big deal). I also used half the amount of chicken, leftover rotisserie, and added a can of drained, rinsed black beans to save money. I used about a cup of cheese. This is a great base recipe, I just had to skinny it up. :) excellent flavor, easy prep.

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Red Over Red October 04, 2011

Excellent! I used Mexican Enchilada Sauce instead of canned enchilada sauce and quite a bit more onion and it was really wonderful. Next time I might save a little extra enchilada sauce to pour on after I take it out of the oven. With lean ground beef and low-fat cheese, this recipe is healthy and delicious!

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TracyFL February 11, 2011

I made the chicken enchiladas using my crock pot I put chicken, spices and sauce in for 6 hours on low. Took a couple of forks and shredded in minutes. Followed the rest of the instructions and voila, yummy! Oh, also used flour tortillas, fajita sized, not a fan of corn tortillas. Great recipe! Will make this many times, it's a keeper.

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Uniqleeme May 10, 2009

There was nothing left--our family of 4 inhaled these! Haha! Very tasty, very easy, and I even had some leftover shredded chicken (which I froze for another enchilada night). I did boil the chicken in a little seasoned salt and a little kosher salt. Also, instead of using tomato sauce (which I thought would be a little bland alongside all the other wonderful ingredients)... I used 1 Cup of salsa instead. LOVED every bite. Paired this meal with rice and black beans. Would probably taste amazing with "Camp Cornbread"... just a thought for next time. I'll never use another enchilada recipe. This one is IT and I thank you for it. :D

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MagMagoo November 05, 2012
Easy Enchiladas (Beef or Chicken)