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Very delicious and comforting beef stew. I added an additional 15 ounce can of tomato sauce before adding veggies as my beef was quite dry after the first two hours. The extra sauce and some additional water seemed to do the trick! Thanks, Baby Kato! Made for Aussie New Zealand Recipe Swap.

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mersaydees February 16, 2010

This was a very fast stew to put together. I doubled up on the veggies I liked and left out the turnip. Thanks for the recipe.

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Cilantro in Canada October 05, 2009

I have to agree this is the easiest stew I have ever made! A wonderfully delicious stew. The aroma alone is worth a five! Other then using regular mushrooms made as posted. The combination of vegetables, seasonings along with the soup and tomato sauce gave this an absolutely unique taste - just like one expects from a 'grandma' recipe! Thank you for sharing your grandma's recipe. it's so a repeatable.

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Gerry October 01, 2009

Excellent!!! This is one of the easiest, nicest tasting stews I have made in ages. All my family loved this one and raved on the flavour of the dish and the tenderness of the meat. I made as is except for subbing sweet potato for regular and I could not get any turnips, apart from that no changes made. A truly wonderful recipe BK I will look forward to making this one again and again. Huge thumbs up from the whole family!!!! :)

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The Flying Chef April 04, 2009

Honestly, this is without a doubt the easiest and one of the very best tasting (if not the best)stews I have ever made. The beef is amazingly tender, the veggies all perfectly cooked and the seasoning is dead on, although I did omit the pepper because we have a very wide range of pepper preference in this house and it so easy to add it to taste individually. On top of all that I can't describe how wonderful the aroma is while cooking. Anyone who comes into your house during the last hour and a half of cooking is going to want to stay for dinner. This will be my "go to" stew recipe now. Made for Photo Tag.

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Annacia March 23, 2009

I made this in my crock pot on high for 6 hours removing the lid for the last 2 hours to let the stew thicken. I left out the parsnips and mushrooms because I didn't have any on hand. This was very easy to throw together and tastes great. The house smelled so good while the stew was cooking. I served the stew over some white rice. Made for Diabetic Cooking Tag Game.

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Crafty Lady 13 May 22, 2011
Easy, Easy Beef Stew