Easy Deviled Eggs

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Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

So easy but so good. Everyone asks for the recipe, but I hat to tell them it's just mayo and relish. I prefer they think of me as a culinary master. Ha!

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  1. Add eggs to medium saucepan and add enough water to cover.
  2. Put on high heat until it begins to boil.
  3. Cover and remove from heat; let sit for 10 minutes.
  4. Drain hot water and add cold until eggs have cooled down enough to work with.
  5. Remove shells from eggs and slice in half.
  6. Add yolks to medium-sized mixing bowl; smash yolks with a fork.
  7. Add mayonnaise and relish; mix.
  8. You may have to add more mayonnaise depending on the size of your eggs. I also add a little of the relish juice to thin out mixture instead of adding more mayo.
  9. Spoon mixture back into egg white halves.
  10. Sprinkle with paprika.