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Editing my review...I just ate these beans cold, and found them to be quite delish, and even better tasting than those other popular brand named canned baked beans. If one decides to leave in the liquid from the canned beans, I think this would be good with some cooked ground beef added, and adding the full amount of brown sugar (the 3/4 cup). This is the review I had posted earlier today... This was a good baked bean dish, but I did use pork-n-beans rather than baked beans, and I drained off the liquid from both cans, since one of the other reviewer's stated there was a lot of sauce. When I make these beans again, (and draining off the liquid) I would definitely decrease the amount of brown sugar, as the beans were a bit overly sweet. Also, one more thing... I did cover the bean dish before placing them in the oven, and baked the beans for 30 minutes, then I removed the cover/lid, and baked the beans (uncovered) for about 40 minutes. I then let them sit ontop the stove, (uncovered) for about 20 mins., and had noticed the beans had thickened up quite a bit. Thank you KITTENCAL for posting this recipe. I certainly look forward to making these baked beans again.

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Domestic Goddess October 26, 2009

This is the perfect recipe for baked beans. Thanks so much. They were a big hit at our family reunion. I doubled the recipe and it was great. Lexigirl

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lexigirl July 02, 2008

These beans are very good and very easy. I followed the recipe including getting Heinz Chili Sauce. These beans are very sweet. There is also a lot of sauce. Made for newest tag 2007

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Lavender Lynn December 12, 2007
Easy Delicious Baked Beans