Easy Date Candy Roll

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is so easy to make even your kids can do it! And yummy results!

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  1. Position knife blade in food processor bowl; slowly drop half each of dates and raisins through food chute with processor running.
  2. Remove date mixture; repeat procedure with remaining dates and raisins.
  3. Turn date mixture out onto wax paper; knead in pecans.
  4. Shape into a 12-inch log, and roll in coconut.
  5. Chill and thinly slice.
  6. Yield: one 12-inch log.


Most Helpful

Sharon, this was so amazingly easy, and WOW, was it delicious. The instructions are great - but I didn't follow them the first half. My daughter pointed this out to me, "Mom, you're supposed to turn it on and THEN put in the dates." Ooops. But I didn't think it made much difference either way, really. I didn't have many pecans, so I made two small rolls, one with pecans, one with almonds. The pecan one was definitely the better; next time I'm going to try walnuts, as they're a little more affordable around here than pecans. And next time, I also think I'll run the coconut through the food processor first, to get it into smaller bits - maybe they'll stick better. (Maybe my dates were a bit dried out?) But anyway, I took it to church Sunday night, for refreshments following the deacon ordination service, and put it at the back of the dessert table with an identifying sign - from past experience, I was picturing little kids grabbing it, thinking it was chocolate, and then pitching it after one bite - the kids around here don't like "new" things so much. Well, except for MY kids, of course. This worked well, as it was only tried by people who knew what they were getting into, and they came back for seconds. The associate pastor's wife asked me for the recipe, too!

ThatBobbieGirl November 25, 2002

The other reviewers aren't wrong- this is brilliant! Like a giant Lara bar! And really so easy. If I could give one piece of advice about this recipe, it would be to moisten your hands when shaping and rolling the log; it really keeps the mixture from sticking to your hands! I'm glad i thought to do this. Only needed about half the coconut for rolling. Thanks for a keeper!

White Rose Child June 20, 2008

I used my blender to chop up the coconut a little, then proceeded with the recipe. Everything went well. When I got ready to cut into slices, I dipped my sharp knife in hot water and it really helped to slice them. Make sure you let them chill good before cutting, so they don't crumble on you! I didn't add the raisins as we don't like them. They were so easy to make. Kids loved them too!

~Chef Lori~ May 12, 2008

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