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I LOVE this bread, the spice is such a nice surprise when you bite into it. It goes together so easy and while it is spicy, we love that so it's perfect for us though some of our friends felt it was to much so.
Guess it's all a matter of taste. I'll be using this one often.

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Bonnie G #2 October 20, 2011

I have made this recipe several times now, so I think that it is time to rate it.

What I have found that works well with adding the cheese and peppers is this. I add the first two portions, then let the dough rest for 10 min. I then add the third portion and let the dough rest again for 10 min. and then add the 4'th portion.

Then I let the dough rise for the full time as per recipe.

I followed the recipe exactly except I bought 12 peppers, scraped the seeds out, and used fresh.

Excellent recipe! Thanks!

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snowglobe February 20, 2011

I wouldn't exactly call this "easy" but maybe that's just because I'm a novice baker. I used a cast iron Dutch oven as recommended and followed the directions exactly. The bread was WAY too spicy to enjoy, though my DH, who likes everything burn-your-face-off spicy, ate this bread with glee. It certainly was pretty, and we liked the VERY crunchy texture of the outside, contrasted by the chewy nature of the center. However, after baking for more than an hour, the center still was not done. Too much moisture in the jalapenos? Probably. Next time I will add a little more yeast to get a bit more air in it, and use maybe half jalapenos and half green chilis, as another reviewer suggested. I used all the cheese and that was the best part. I did try it toasted as others suggested, with cream cheese and raspberry-jalapeno jam, and that was oddly delicious. DH will finish the rest of this loaf off easily, and I will definitely try again.

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Faux Chef Lael August 22, 2010

Made this for super bowl Sunday. I only used half the cheese an Jalapenos called for. The dough was nearly like working with sticky pudding.....End product? Yummy! A bit to hot for some of my family, so I ate it myself all week. Very good toasted w cream cheese and jelly (think poppers) Try it!!!

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The Jelly Room February 14, 2010

There's a certain amount of danger in a freshly baked loaf of bread. A serious condition involving me, carbohydrates and a lack of self-control. One tip from a novice...don't fudge on the cheese. Made for Alphabet Soup Tag.

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gailanng October 20, 2009

Oh yeah! Wonderful bread! A friend asked for some Jalapeno Cheese bread and I found this amazing recipe. I showed it to my wife and she asked when I was going to make it - and she asked again, and again - so I did. I used green chiles since my wife is not a fan of hot peppers. I love this method. I made a double batch and made this recipe and Zurie's Overnight No-Knead Bread since both share the same base recipe. Now to make another for my friend.

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Red Apple Guy September 26, 2009

I second Brenda's review - this is SO good! I used the entire recipe (all four portions of the cheese and jalepenos), and I will do that again next time, but will probably divide them up in three portions instead of four, so that the last layer isn't as thin - as you can see in my photo, the top did crack, but I'm not sure if that was solely because one teeny piece attached itself to the lid while the lid was on, and it broke off when I took the lid off. I'll also only use about half the cornmeal next time. Definately a keeper!!! Made for PAC Spring '09.

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Katzen April 16, 2009

Oh my goodness this bread is so crusty and chewy! I know DS and I will fight for the end pieces. I am truly in bread heaven. I too used only 3 portions of cheese and jalapenos and thought that was plenty. I have a feeling we will be having this often. It is far better than the bakery bread I have been buying at an outrageous price. Thanks so much for sharing, this is a real keeper! *Made for Spring PAC 2009*

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Brenda. April 15, 2009
Easy Crusty Jalapeno Cheese Bread Fantastico