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This was quickly rated by my family as a definite keeper.The first time I made it I sliced 2 chicken breasts across the grain instead of allowing one breast per serving. I also cooked it on the stove top instead of in the crockpot. We're having it tonight made with beef for a company dinner.One note though, if you add the sourcream to the other ingredients at the beginning it will curdle, but still be delicious. If you want it pretty, about a half hour before serving mix some of the hot sauce with the sour cream and then add the sour cream to the crockpot.Cover and simmer till warmed through.

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Kimberly Keller April 26, 2003

Easy it is but it does not say how wonderful the taste is!! I love it. One thing I did instead of sour cream I used whipped 2%Cottage cheese and only 8 oz, The time is just right for very tender chicken. I used 3 skinned 1/2 fryer chickens,. I can't say enough about the great flavor.. I served it over noodles with steamed green beans & steamed baby carrots. This is a true comfort food dish that will keep everyone coming back for more. Thank-you Lori for a real keeper!!! Made this again an loved it just as much this time. I used wings, thighs & a breast. Served one night with rice & butter beans, the second night with traditional noodles - either way very very good

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Bergy December 12, 2006

Now this was my kind of dish! So easy a young child could safely make it and be able to boast of having made a real 'grown-up' dish. Like others, I added the sliced mushrooms but, unlike others, I found myself adding quite a bit of salt at the table. Next time I'll probably add a 1/2 teaspoon or maybe a little less salt to the mixture. Good as this dish was, it was even better reheated the next day. We were really glad I had made enough for 're-runs' the day after.

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Rick Young June 22, 2003

This was a wonderful, easy way to cook chicken in the crockpot. Sometimes chicken breasts dry out, but this recipe kept the chicken moist. I loved the flavor of the mushroom soup and onion soup mix. I did not add anymore salt to the dish (I think the soup mix has a lot of salt in it). Like Bergy, I added drained canned mushrooms because I thought it would add to the texture of the dish. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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Miss Annie April 17, 2003

MMMMM! Very good, took the advice of adding the sour cream 30 minutes before turning off the crockpot! Worked like a charm, very creamy and delicious. Thanks for an easy recipe!

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Ang11002 September 08, 2003

Great! I made this tonight with a few small changes. I used 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts (frozen), a family sized can of cream of chicken soup, about a cup of sour cream, and the soup mix packet, oh, and I also sliced half a large onion and put it on top of the chicken before adding the sauce. I served it over white rice and it was devoured quickly. Very tasty indeed! Moist tender chicken too! Good stuff. ~Lana~

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~Lana~ August 11, 2003

Used light sour cream, low fat soup, fresh portabella mushrooms, the onion soup mix, and browned & drained stewing beef. Put sour cream in at beginning. It didn't curdle for me into anything not easily solved with a little stirring at the end. We loved it. Thank you.

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PrairieHarpy February 13, 2007

My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe. Put it in the crockpot before church and the house smelled wonderful upon returning. Served over egg noodles and with green beans and toasted italian bread. However, I must admit that my 4 yr old (exptremely picky) and my 1 1/2 yr old (doesn't like any dairy) didn't approve. But my husband and I thought it was great! Thanks!

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brke August 10, 2004

Very, very goood and extremely easy. I used thighs instead of breasts and less sour cream than the recipe called for. I mixed the soup, dry soup mix and sour cream together and then poured over the chicken. I didn't really noticed that the sour cream had curdled. I also added some sliced mushrooms. No other seasonings were necessary. DH kept raving about the chicken and said, "this is a 10 and a keeper."

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Marla in California May 27, 2004

Lori, We had this for supper a couple of weeks ago,(I'm behind on my reviews) And it was absolutely delicious,I too waited to put the sour cream in,and it was the creamiest and best tasting dish I have fixed in a long time,Thanks,Darlene

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Darlene Summers January 24, 2004
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