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Good and easy! I had mine as-is, DS rolled his in a tortilla. Tons left over, and it was just as tasty as a taco filling the next day. Thanks!!!

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~Bekah~ October 20, 2003

This tasted good but pretty much disintegrated at the recipe suggested cooking time. I will make this again but only cook it 2 hours, maybe 3 max. Thanks for the recipe.

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catmaniacs October 24, 2012

This is sooo good!! I made it exactly per the recipe, I just added a can of corn to the beef mixture! Super good and great as leftovers warmed up. I just served with sour cream and black olives. This will be a weekely staple at our house! YUMMMM!!

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Kimommy September 18, 2009

yuck. maybe i did something wrong. enchiladas came out horrible and the tortillas were very soggy. did not taste good. wont be doing this one again.

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brelon September 19, 2008

I hate to do it, but to be honest we threw part out. I think the biggest thing was the cream soup for us. It also was a little on the greasy side with so much cheese on the top. I did really like the flavor of the meat with the tomatoes and the chilis. I really liked the idea of being able to do enchiladas in the crock pot, but we just won't be using this recipe again. I am going to adapt some sort of taco filling from the meat part though.

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enestvmel March 10, 2008

Forgive me for not reviewing sooner. Made this about 3 months ago. Flavor was fantastic! I used an old style crock pot and since I got stuck at work they overcooked a little and were quite mushy, but let me tell you that despite the mushiness they still tasted really good! My sister is married to a man from mexico and the flavors in this are almost identical to the really good enchiladas she makes for us when we visit. I jsut got a new programmable smart pot and need to try this again. Thanks for a great recipe! BTW, I used the taco bell clone recipe for the seasoning mix- found on recipezaar.

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Elainia February 10, 2008

Well, another rainy and gloomy day, I was searching for something tasty, and without too much work involved, I just happened to have all these ingredients in my closet, and decided to give your recipe a try. Well, I did add 1 Tbsp fresh chopped garlic to the hamberger, with 2 Tbsp grated Parmesan cheese (just to give it a bit of a kick) and used the cheese soup, made it just as follows, prepared it in the morning, and was ready for dinner...Kitty I must say that we just enjoyed it so much...DH says he wants this at least once a week for sure, this is a wonderful tasty meal, we had it with a side salad...yummy!...thanks Kit for posting, I will certainly be making this again. From one kitten to another...this was the cat's meow!!!...thanks KC :)

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Kittencal@recipezazz May 19, 2004

I apologize for this long review. I made this dish on an evening when I knew I'd have people coming in and out, looking for food. I made this pretty much as peppermintkitty wrote it, except that I substituted one can of Rotel Original diced tomatoes and green chiles for the can of diced tomatoes and can of diced green chiles. Also, I used a bulk taco seasoning that I buy at a store nearby, which worked out well. For the milk, I used skim. Anyway, the first 'taker' ate it like a dip, with tortilla chips and liked it but said there was way too much cheese (I used 1 1/2 cups of mild cheddar). The 2nd 'taker' ate it with heated, flour tortillas and loved it, saying it tasted like tamales. His son ate it with chips and had 3 helpings, almost wiping it out for number 4, who also had it with flour tortillas and loved it! I was left with a scant cup; in the end, it fed 6 people. This is a good recipe that is totally open to tweaking...I especially would like to find a way to eliminate that can of cheese soup. Good recipe PK, thanks for sharing it.

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Hey Jude June 24, 2003
Easy Crock Pot Beef Enchiladas