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Perfect recipe! It's the best creme caramel I've ever tried!!!!

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hodaqui November 14, 2009

This recipe was a disaster for me.
First off, I have made creme caramel many times before trying this specific recipe and have never had such bad luck before.

To start, 140C is not hot enough, after 45 minutes I did a knife test and it was completely wet still. The flan wasn't even a solid yet.

All the other recipes call for at least 180C, so I decided to increase the temperature to 180C in attempt to salvage it.

1 hour later, it passed the knife test so I removed it from the oven and chilled it for 6 hours.
After turning it over, it all collapsed on itself. It basically turned into a sloppy custard.

All other recipes I had tried up til now used at least 6 eggs for the same amount of liquid.

Due to reasons above, I had to rate this recipe a 1/5.
I think if I had just gone with my instinct, I wouldn't have wasted all my ingredients on this.

I definitely won't be trying this one again.

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Kent Van Heerden March 04, 2012
Easy Creme Caramel (Pudim De Leite Condensado)