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Fabulous scone recipe! It comes together so quickly and easily that even the kids could make this. Baked up perfectly in 12 minutes with a beautiful golden color. We ate some as dessert warm from the oven and then the rest used for breakfast the next morning warmed up lightly in the microwave. What a treat that really takes no time at all to put together! Thanks for posting a definite keeper! Tagged in 123 Hits tag game.

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HokiesMom January 14, 2010

Yummy!!! I made 1/2 of the recipe as written. I set the time at 12 minutes and when I checked scones, they had the perfect color but the instead was still very wet when tested with a toothpick. I didn't want further browning so I tented them with foil and place back in for 5 minutes and they were perfect. For my oven, which is a top (smaller oven) I would cut back the temperature to 400 or 375 next time, but had I used my standard oven it might not have browned as quickly, ovens vary!!! The end result was a delicious sweet scone!! Will definitely make these quick and easy scones again. Thanks for sharing seesko!! Made for PRMR.

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diner524 March 04, 2009
Easy Chocolate Chip Scones