Easy Chocolate Chip Pan Squares

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 10 mins

My mom made this for us all the time when we were little. It is an easy recipe that makes a great treat. Freezing instructions (courtesy of the OAMC tag game!): Cut into squares, flash freeze and wrap in plastic, then place in a ziplock bag. Be sure to label them! To eat: Thaw and enjoy!


  1. Combine margarine and brown sugar and beat well.
  2. Mix in vanilla and flour.
  3. Then add chocolate chips.
  4. Spread onto lightly greased 9x13 pan and pat down gently.
  5. Bake 10-12 mins or until light brown at 350°F.
Most Helpful

this recipe was very easy to make and it came out great. i was worried when the dough was crumbly, but i followed directions and patted it down in the pan. thanks for the super easy recipe, it is a definit keeper

busy mom #4 February 21, 2008

I made this earlier this morning, the four kids have eaten about half the pan already! The rest I have sliced up, wrapped and put into the freezer for their school lunchboxes. Easy recipe, took a little longer to cook than stated (about 20 mins) and I used white sugar instead of brown. Turned out just fine :) I will make this again anytime!

BowerBird January 29, 2006

Instead of greasing the pan, used parchment paper. This did 23 minutes longer to bake than the 12 minutes that is listed. I used a King Arthur commercial grade baking pan, 1st time being used. The loaf pans I purchased from them conducts heat different than a regular type of pan, but I think 23 extra minutes was a bit on the extreme side. I won't know if that was the case or not until I use the pan again. These were Fantastic tasting. Thank You Breeze144!

lets.eat January 09, 2006