Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 7 mins

easy and fast to make.


  1. melt the butter or margarine.
  2. mix with sugar in bowl until soft.
  3. add and mix the egg yolk, the chocolate chips, and the flour in the bowl.
  4. shape the dough into circles in the oven tray.
  5. put some chocolate chips on top of the circle cookie doughs.
  6. bake until golden-brown.
Most Helpful

Do not make this recipe. It is dry, and has no flavor. Waste of ingredients and time. Sorry, just being honest.

Heidiho7 November 06, 2011

Love the picture of the finished product but lost something in translation. I selected this recipe because I was low on baking supplies and happened to have just what was listed in the ingredients. Although the directions did not indicate oven temps or times I figured I would just borrow from the first reviewer and modify it to work in my oven. I actually didn't get to try it out. The resulting dough from the ingredients wasn't anything that could even be worked with - way to dry. Sorry! I had hoped to enjoy a quick cookie!

Snowpack August 04, 2010

WOW!!! These cookies are indeed super easy and quick to whip up and taste soooooooooo good!!! They are melt-in-your-mouth crumbly with a lovely taste of chocolate. Mmmm! I found the directions and ingredient list a little confusing as it didnt state the amount of chocolate chips to use and neither did it say at which temperature to bake the cookies and how long. So I just used what I found a nice amount of chocolate chips (100g) and baked the cookies at 190C/375F for 12 minutes. That was perfect. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this lovely recipe wiht us, CheeseFreak123! Made and reviewed for one of my babies during PAC Fall 09.

Lalaloula September 20, 2009