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I found this recipe when I was searching, at 5 PM, for something for dinner that would use a pound of hamburger. This recipe totally matched all my criteria--I had all the ingredients, it was quick, and it had a few good reviews. I wanted to love it, but I didn't. I found it very blah. The cheese flavor was non-existent (even DD - 8 - commented on it). My son didn't like the onions - which remained crunchy even though I sauted them with the hamburger. If I made it again, I think I would saute onions first till soft, then add hamburger. The other thing I found was that it was lukewarm. When you add the tomatoes, it brings the temp of all the rest of the ingredients down. The recipe says to heat through, but not at what temp - you turn off the heat when you make M&C, so I had the burner off - anyone who makes M&C knows that it burns and gets mushy if you leave the heat on, so I didn't. I did add some salt to my portion, and it helped. Very disapointing, because it smelled so good cooking, and it sounded like it would be very tasty, but it was blah. You can't beat it for ease, though.

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WorkingMom2three December 03, 2009

Very yummy!!! I added about 4 oz of velveeta as well to make it even cheesier!

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Nurse Amanda March 29, 2010

Awesome! Kids had seconds. Only changes made were instead of onons I used about an eighth tsp of onion powder as the kids don't like onions. And I didn't use any milk. I figured while making it that there was enough liquid in the can of tomatoes. It worked out perfectly. Thanks!!!

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Chef Shilale November 22, 2009

I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to 'cheeseburger mac' recipes. Most of them are pretty much just 'brown onion and hamburger, add, done'. When I needed a fast meal for dinner tonight and ground beef and mac and cheese was about all I had, I decided I'd find a fast and easy recipe and make it for my kids and have something else myself. I found this one and luckily had all the ingredients. I cooked it up and decided to try a quick bite. I am a believer. lol This is by FAR the best Cheeseburger Mac recipe I have ever tried. I made it exactly as written, using a can of italian style stewed tomatoes. My kids loved it, my husband loved it, I had 3 helpings myself, and plan on eating the left overs for lunch tomorrow. lol THANK YOU for posting this! It's definitely going under my keeper file.

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Denise Nachtigal August 31, 2009

Needed something quick for lunch and the four kids loved it. Will definitely make it again! I added a bit of bell pepper seasoning to jazz it up and that made it even better!

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punkarooni August 08, 2009

A five-star comfort food! Adding chili powder to the cheese made a very tasty sauce. My 14-year-old son made yummy sounds and told me it was delicious. And I found that I could easily "chop" the stewed tomatoes in the pan with my wooden mixing spoon. Thanks, ZmiaJ!

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cipherbabe April 10, 2009
Easy Chili Cheeseburger Mac