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We eat a lot of chicken and fish. We were so bored with it that we had to start looking for new ways to prepare chicken. My husband found the recipe, and oh my! This is a great recipe.

We sliced the eggplant pretty thin and saut├ęd it until it was dark brown. We also pounded the chicken pretty flat and left it in the refrigerator with salt, pepper, italian seasoning and olive oil for about an hour before cooking. It was excellent!

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Sandra Scalice August 09, 2011

there's just something i LOVE about chicken and ham!! YUMMY!! i butterflied some b/s breasts, garlic salt and pepper. my eggplant was the long, slender variety from the local farmers market so i peeled and sliced lengthwise. only had four slices of ham lunchmeat. i never did figure out where the 1 cup of marinara was supposed to fit since there was nothing about it in the directions. we did thin spaghetti with a parmesan/romano spaghetti sauce. sliced cucumbers with blue cheese were our side dish with this. was very pleasant! the only thing i would do differently is instead of layering casserole style i would keep the chicken pieces separate and have eggplant slices confined to each breast, as well as ham and cheese confined to each breast to facilitate easier serving. i think it would do well as a cubed casserole as well--cubed chicken, cubed eggplant and cubed ham all mixed together with cheese over the top of it. MMMMmmm, my mouth is watering all ready! *grin* this actually took me about 90min from start to finish, but there was extenuating circumstances affecting that a wee-bit. thanks for a KEEPER!!

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O-mama July 30, 2009
Easy Chicken Sorrentino