Easy Chicken Roll up Appetizers

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READY IN: 20mins
Recipe by jon.meck

A simple, fun to make, appetizer that's healthy and eye catching. This recipe can be simple and quick, or you can make it complicated and fancy to suit any occasion. This is the most basic way to make them, but with a couple interesting suggestions at the end. I usually serve next to several bowls of different salad dressings so guests can dip (or not dip) to their liking.


  1. Slice the chicken breasts into thin strips.
  2. Cook in a skillet for about 5 mins, or until done. (Optional - cook with some Italian spices, garlic, or an oil-based salad dressing.).
  3. Try to pick out a leafy head of lettuce, instead one with crunchy leaves.
  4. Seperate and wash some lettuce leaves.
  5. Roll the cooked chicken strips in the lettuce.
  6. Place about 5 toothpicks (depending on strip of chicken) spaced evenly along the roll.
  7. Using a sharp knife, cut the strip into pieces. The toothpicks should hold it all together.
  8. WAYS TO MAKE IT CREATIVE - Think of what else you can add to make this more interesting. Try including different ingredients inside the lettuce with the chicken. Hard-boiled egg, peppers, a strip of fresh parmesean cheese, etc -- Or, try attaching something on top of the roll using the toothpick. I've had great success with small madarin orange slices or cut up strawberries! Perhaps try switching lettuce for spinach, or another green. The possibilities are endless, and kids can often help in the creation process! The chicken can be served warm, or, can be refrigerated and served chilled, both taste great!

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