Easy Cheesy Garlic Bread

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 1 min

Excellent tasting garlic bread with just 5 easy steps. HMMM!!!!


  1. Toast a piece of bread (medium).
  2. Spread butter on toast.
  3. Add oregano.
  4. Add garlic powder.
  5. Add the parmesan cheese.
Most Helpful

Super easy to make and it tastes great! I wanted garlic bread in the worst way to go with my cream of broccoli soup and I came across this. Unfortunately I had no oregano, but it was good without it...I look forward to trying it with the oregano though!

Ali Flower December 10, 2007

Thanks for a simple recipe, this was useful for my quick pasta meal. It went well with the Cajun Chicken Alfredo I made (recipe also from this site). I used potato bread and nixed the oregano... still tasted great!

rattyvonratkins May 05, 2007

That was delicious! i loved it! i make it like every time i eat italian or just want to eat it. its so easy and yummy.

Aileen* July 16, 2002