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Thanks for posting PeachPie24. This was a quick, INEXPENSIVE, and easy meal with all the ingredients I had on hand. 5 stars for chili mac. I made as written except that I left out the red pepper as that is our family's preference. This is a very, very cheesy dish. I used Hormel Chili with beans and I think the beans added some texture and flavor. Perfect one dish meal that kids and the adults enjoyed. Definitely not low calorie as the cheese was quite a bit. Enjoy! ChefDLH

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ChefDLH February 23, 2012

I've been looking something to do with my canned hormel chili, and this looked good so I gave it a shot. I used just slightly less pasta, only 1 and 3/4 cups left in the box, and a little less cheese I think, i didn't measure. I cooked the macaroni just shy of al dente and mixed it with the chili, butter, and cheese, put it in a small caserole and baked covered for 45 minutes it was very good. next time i think i'll add some kidney beans, tomatoes, and maybe some corn. thanks for posting!

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A.S.K. May 18, 2010
Easy Cheesy Chili Mac