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The first thing I did was cut the recipe in half. I used an ABM to prep the dough last night, covered the ABM pan with plastic wrap then placed in the fridge until this afternoon. The dough was a little sticky but I floured my hands. Important to flour your hands, rolling pin and work surface frequently to avoid the bread dough sticking. The rolls proofed in the oven on the proofing feature for only 35 minutes and by that time they not only had doubled but started to lose their shape. Sprinkled very lightly each roll with coarse salt and baked for about 12 minutes turning the baking pans halfway through. Delicious, wonderful texture, buttery rich! Thanks for posting Reviewed for Best of 2011.

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COOKGIRl January 17, 2012

I've made these countless times, and every time they're perfect. The first day the dough is basically a batter, but as long as it sits overnight in the fridge, its perfectly dough-like the next day. They're so butter-y and flavorful. I never use any other recipe :) Thank you Hannah:)

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VeggieCook98 December 26, 2011

Even though I followed the recipe exactly as written, the dough was so wet the next day, that there was no way it could be used for rolls the way it was. I think I would have had to add another 2 or more cups of flour for it to be rollable. I did not want to take the chance on wasting additional ingredients.


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ohgal August 15, 2010
Easy Butterhorn Rolls