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A tried-and-true recipe that you can modify so many different ways! Many people know this as "Overnight Sausage-Egg Cassserole" because it is very easy to assemble it the night before, cover it with saran wrap, and then bake it in the morning. You can also bake it right away, as directed. It turns out perfectly just as written, but I like to use Jimmy Dean Low-Fat Sausage and different cheeses (swiss, fontina) to make it a bit more elegant. If you have leftovers, just microwave individual squares (LOW heat) for a quick breakfast.

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Cookin'Diva February 19, 2007

Not giving stars, since I strayed from the recipe. I used a pound of bacon and didn't have bread, so used english muffins. The muffins turned soggy, so I wouldn't do that again. I have made this before with buttered bread, and half/half rather than milk. That recipe requires the casserole to sit in the fridge overnight. Since I was looking for quick and easy, thought I'd try this. I prefer the richer version, but this was good in a pinch. thanks so much

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PrincessPage July 31, 2011

We loved it! I doubled the recipe and added mushrooms, sauteed onions and red pepper. I added green onions at the very end, having learned on another recipe not to add them earlier if I don't want to end up with green eggs! It took about an hour to cook. Perfect for Christmas morning. Thank you Hey Jude!

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puppitypup December 27, 2010

My mother-in-law used to make this dish on the last morning of our vacations. A couple minutes prep the night before makes a very easy morning and great food!

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amy.cleaveland August 08, 2010

This recipe was wonderful i used turkey sausage,and sprinkled with fresh parsley for color and it was a big hit.

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mail lady #2 December 18, 2009

We liked this. We did modify it quite a bit to be more in line with our tastes and it came out great. I used Pilsbury Garlic Breadsticks that I cut into little cubes, cut up the pork sausage, used extra old white cheddar, added green onions with the cheddar and sausage and added cumin and a little bit of crushed red peppers to the milk mixture for some added kick. It only had to cook for about 35 minutes. We will definitely make this again. Thanks for posting!

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cyaos February 18, 2008

Used uncooked crescent rolls for bottom layer and added just a touch of diced yellow onion to the eggs. Sprinkled the cheese on top of the entire thing and baked it. My family loved it.

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Fishgettersgirl December 27, 2007

Great Recipe, and very flexible! I used 4 slices of oat bran bread, 4 were enough to have the bread pieces cover the bottom of my 13x9 in one loose layer, and we try to keep our carbs low. I used 5 eggs, as it's all I had, so lowered the milk to 1 3/4 cup. I was in a big hurry, so I put it in the oven with everything but the sausage to get it going while I fried the sausage. My sausage turned out to be super lean, it wasn't giving up any fat, so I opened the oven, topped with the 1/2 cooked sausage and added more cheese on top. Baked in a hotter oven...400 (actually 375 convection) and it was done in about 35 minutes.... This dish will really highlight your sausage, so use one you really like. We had a wonderful hot sausage and it was FANTASTIC! The top got quite dark and that's the part everyone liked the best. I made it one more time with the correct amount of eggs and I think I liked it even better with the 5 egg 1 3/4 cup milk for some reason! (Maybe because I'm not using as much bread?) Anyway, this is wonderful. Next time, I'm going to try making it with some spinach in it. Thank you for a great recipe! I never knew you could make strata like this and bake it right away. By the way, this bakes long enough that if you know you have a lean sausage, you can just dot the raw sausage right into the casserole...I did that the 2nd time it it worked great. Heck, pizza sausage cooks for even less time!

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moramor December 19, 2007

This was such an easy and delicious recipe

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fransett April 29, 2016

I made serious alterations but it was AMAZING!! I used half a package of phyllo dough instead of bread, used Turkey sausage, used less milk, mixed pepper, a green pepper, one Clive minced garlic, about 1.5 tsp. of fresh garlic chives, and fresh rosemary 1 tsp. and sprinkle to taste Knorr caldo de Tomate in place of salt

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Anderson.sara November 18, 2012
Easy Breakfast Egg Casserole