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Oh so so yummy!! One small tip though... I would bake the dough for 7 minutes or so before putting the toppings on to prevent the pizza from getting soggy. Hope this helps and Enjoy!!

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mariangauvin November 17, 2009

This was really good. I used a rimmed cookie sheet for the pizza and it was really thick (I prefer a thinner crust) but the kids loved it. This was really easy to do. I did add a little bit of garlic powder (1 teaspoon)because we love garlic. The taste was really good. The kids devoured 2 pizzas for lunch. I think next time I pull a bit of the dough off and make a small veggie pizza for myself.

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Cooking Mom of 7 November 09, 2011

I've made this twice now. First time, used the whole crust on a big stone. Made a huge, very thick pizza. Second time, I divided it into two, thinner crust pizzas. Dough is a dream to work with. Crust has great flavor because of the cheese and italian seasoning. I'll use this over and over again! Thanks for posting.

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LaMesaLee November 06, 2011

This was very good. I haven't had much success with homemade pizza but this turned out really well. I think the next time I'll cut it in half or freeze half it made a HUGE pizza. I put it on a pizza stone & it got about 3 inches high! Had a really good flavor to it. Thanks for a great recipe.

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smartblonde #2 October 28, 2010

I have made this pizza dough countless times and it has NEVER failed me. Everyone I make it for loves it. I usually let the dough rise and make two pizzas or use one half for breadsticks for my young daughters (or I freeze half of the dough - it freezes and thaws perfectly). No need to try any other recipe, in my opinion!

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cgt63 March 19, 2010

Love this recipe. It comes out perfect every time. The only change I made was to let the bread machine go through both rise cycles. That way I had enough dough for two pizzas. Thanks for posting it! ~~Update: I thought I would try this as a bread and it turned out perfect. I omitted the cheese and spices. It is the best white bread recipe I have used yet! Make a large 2 lb loaf, soft and chewy, just like the store without all the added ingedients.

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Hoosier Mama of one February 15, 2010

This is a great pizza crust, I have a just for dinner bread machine and have modified the recipie with great success as follows: 1/2 cup warm water 1 tbs olive oil 1 1/4 cup bread flour 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 tbs grated parmesan cheese 1 tsp dried italian seaoning 1 pkt fast rising yeast pull out the dough when you hear the first beep!!! spray some olive oil on your pan and hands and spread on pan, top and cook 20 minutes at 400'

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jmcwms October 04, 2009

A friend had made this to use for grilled pizza and I really lked the flavor - it was a nice thin , flavorful crisp crust; I made it for pizza in the oven. I made a half recipe for one pizza . I used my Cuisinart so I proofed the yeast in the water with a pinch of sugar for about 5 minutes , then mixed it for about 45 secs, the dough came together really well. I barely heated the oven - then turned it off . I put the dough in a greased, cloth covered bowl and into the oven to raise for about 45 mins. I patted the dough onto an oiled pizza pan, cooked it for about 4 mins pulled it out and topped it with everything. The dough was very easy to handle, which was a nice change from my usual dough. this made quite a bit of dough and my crust wasn't thick but not thin either - I decided I prefered the thin grilled crust with fewer topping - the slightly crunch crust was delish - so the back ends of the crust was the best tonight. next time I will divide the dough in half and make two thinner pizzas .

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momaphet September 01, 2009

Fantastic. This recipe makes about a third more dough then I need for a medium pizza, so I often end up freezing the leftovers. I'm going to try making a calzone with them soon. Twice however the dough failed to come together. This might be the work of my old bread machine, but I've had the most luck when I stirred everything together very thoroughly before activating the bread machine.

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The Mouse in the Pudding August 08, 2009

after reading the first comment n the page i wasnt sure about trying the recipe, however i did and found it brilliant. Not greasy, medium texture and very tasty.

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skcc2310 June 30, 2009
Easy Bread Machine Pizza Crust